Thursday, September 4, 2008

What I'm thinking about at 2am when I'm not sleeping...

  • What is J going to be for Halloween? This will be the first year for trick-or-treating, I'm so excited! Someone suggested that I fluff his hair out and dress him as Napoleon Dynamite. Hmm....funny or lame? I was leaning toward dressing him as a boxer, he has little boxing gloves and everything. I guess I could ask him what he wants...
  • Should we be thinking about preschool already? J's friend-who's-the-same-age is already on a waitlist. We're such slackers.
  • We really need to get started on decorating this house. How can I get Candace Olsen from Divine Design to do my house for free?
  • Where the heck is David Cook's album? We're waiting, Davey.
  • Wow, the RNC was pretty whack compared to the DNC. I mean, seriously dude, Palin?? Seriously? And Obama had Stevie Wonder, sorry McCain, you can't beat that.
  • How can I become a work-at-home mom and not change careers? Maybe if we converted the living room into a surgery suite and the garage into exam rooms...maybe not.
  • We are so behind the curve with no DVR or TiVo. I hate when I miss another episode of Project Runway and have to wait for a random Saturday marathon to catch up.
  • Hey! I just realized! If we time it right our next kid could be born on 7-8-9 or 9-9-9! That's gotta be lucky, right? Or at least cool. We need to get on that.


LauraC said...

J can not be a boxer. He needs his hands available for eating candy. Seriously. My boys went loco for eating candy, and it was so cute to see them carrying their little buckets!

This is my last year to coordinate the boys so I'm already thinking about Halloween.


Joanna said...

Couldn't you do house visits? Then you could do surgery in some else's living room.

As far as hallowen goes, I've bought Michael a bunch of books and I'm trying to get him to understand the whole costume concept so he can pick for himself. If this turns out to be unrealistic, I'll just go and buy him one that I like and then take pictures of him screaming in it like last year.

Julie said...

I LOL at what you are thinking about at 2am!! You need an ambien or a benadryl or something.

We too are slackers about pre-school. I better get on that. We also have no DVR--I am not tech savvy at all. i am surprised I can even blog. And Palin? LOL!!!

You crack me up!

Rita said...

Hey you!
I was going to send you an email to say hi and stuff, and then I realized: I don't have your email. And your blog doesn't have an email link... (or maybe I'm too blind to find it)... So I'm saying hi here in your comments :)

Oh.. and you should join facebook!

And we're slacking on the preschool thing too. I should probably should get on that, right after I organize my life, write thank you cards, do some more laundry, try and lose these stupid pregnancy pounds, yea.. that's not happening anytime soon.