Sunday, November 25, 2007

Sunday Randomness

Thanksgiving was great this year, albeit a bit different than what we're used to. For the first time in awhile we didn't have any friends or family coming over and we weren't travelling for the holiday, so it was just me, TH, and J. I still cooked the whole traditional turkey meal (which was fabulous if I do say so myself), but it was kind of strange having that much food for just us. It was kind of lonely, but on the flip side I really loved all of us being home on the same day for once. Since before vet school I've always worked on the weekends, so it's rare for TH and I to have 2 days in a row together.

So we found out one of the advantages of having a toddler at Christmas time. They're so oblivious to the whole thing that you don't have to hide the gifts! We went shopping today and we bought a few Christmas gifts for J...right in front of him. We just put them in the cart and now they're in a bag in plain sight in the living room, and he has no idea that a)they're toys or b)they're for him.

Lastly...THE RACE IS ONLY 6 DAYS AWAY!! I ran around the neighborhood today and although the run wasn't too bad, I got horrible shin splints. I hope that doesn't happen on Saturday, I really want to finish this thing without (major) pain. Here is a link to the event's website; there are great pics of last year's race with all of the Santas. The countdown is on....

Random J Video of the Week:

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Thanks Be to God

There are so many things I am thankful for this year, I don't know if I have enough room in this blog. However, of course, I will try:)

Things I Thank God for Every Day:
  • The blessing that is our little family. The last 18 months have not always been easy as any parent knows, but I have never felt more blessed or fulfilled. I thank God CONSTANTLY for TH and J and all of the love, happiness, and joy they bring me.
  • Our family's continued health. 2006 was such a tumultuous year with TH's illness and everyone in the family seemingly spending time in the hospital. Although TH's mother has had to spend some time in the hospital again this year I am still thankful that for the most part everyone is getting the treatment they need and things are looking up.
  • My new job. Before, I complained to TH every single day about something that bothered me with my old job. I would actually sit in the parking lot sometimes feeling nauseous at the thought of going in and spending another day there. I was constantly questioning my decision to go back after having J, and I felt so much guilt that I was leaving him in daycare so I could go to a job I hated. In the past year since I have been at the new clinic, I have never complained about work. Not one single time. Nuff said.
  • Having a roof over our heads and money in the bank (for the most part). In my first post I complained about the housing market out here in LV but I have always been grateful that we have a nice home with great landlords. If we have to rent for a little while longer, it's not a bad situation to be in.
  • Harry Potter Book 7. Ok so I don't actually thank God for this one every day, but I was so happy that J.K. Rowling ended one of my favorite book series so perfectly. For once I wasn't disappointed, and for that I am always thankful.
Happy Thanksgiving!

Saturday, November 17, 2007

What's Your Favorite Christmas/Holiday Movie?

Mine is The Santa Clause, the first one. Yes, I know, it's cheesy, but I just LOVE this movie. Me and J watched it the other day (well I watched it while J ran around reprimanding the poor cat, his new favorite thing. "Nononono Yoda!" he says while wagging his finger. Too cute. Anyway.) I'm not kidding, there are parts of the film where I actually start to well up. Maybe it's the circumstances under which I first saw The Santa Clause. It was 10-11 years ago and TH and I were in college (yikes I can't believe college was TEN YEARS AGO) and we randomly rented this movie, which being ten years ago was on VHS...ah, memories. We snuggled up in TH's dorm room with hot chocolate and snow falling outside, and we watched it. And then rewound it (for all you kids that's where you push "rewind" and wait a few minutes for the tape to spool back to the beginning. As a dinosaur walks outside.). And watched it again. Twice. We weren't even engaged yet, that came a few years later, but I think the seeds were planted that day. I mean, what are the chances I would find another adult who wants to watch The Santa Clause over and over again?

A close second for me is White Christmas, which was my number one for a long time, until I discovered the magic of Tim Allen in a Santa suit. I won't go into the details of how much I love the combination of 1950s costumes/sets + great music + Danny Kaye/Bing Crosby/Vera Ellen/Rosemary Clooney, that would be another page. (hey betcha didn't think I'd be able to pull "Vera Ellen" out of my butt, did you?)

What are your picks?

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

I love him, but he's not my kid.

I love animals. Obviously this goes without saying, since I'm a vet and everything. (Well actually I know vets who don't really like or want to be around animals but they're in the minority. Hopefully.) I often have clients who are embarrassed to admit how much they love and cherish their pets, saying things like "I know it's stupid to cry over a dog," or "My family thinks it's crazy that I spend this much money on my cat." They shouldn't be embarrassed. Animals don't ask for anything from us -- just to be cared for and not abused, and maybe treated with affection every once in awhile. They listen when we talk without passing judgement. They're always happy to see us (well, dogs anyway). They deserve to be treated well, and if you have the money I think there's a lot worse ways you can spend it than taking care of your sick pet. I wholeheartedly believe that they are members of the family.

That said...since having J my perspective has changed a little bit. I still love animals. I am more fulfilled than ever helping them and working with them every day. Only now, I cringe a little bit when I hear people say about their pet, "He's my child," or even (I'm not making this up) "I love this dog more than I love my kids." Before I became a parent, I thought that I loved Yoda (the cat) as much as I could love a child. I took pictures of him, even carrying one in my wallet. I bought him toys and expensive food, and I paid people to take care of him when I was out of town so he wouldn't be "traumatized." We told people that we were practicing for kids by having pets.

Then we had J. And pretty much immediately, Yoda became "just a cat" again. I love him, but he's not my kid. He still holds a special place in my heart, and if he shows the slightest sign of illness he gets whisked off to the clinic with me for immediate treatment. I still let him get in bed with me and we often spend a good hour on a "brushing session." But...I've never snuck in to peek on him while he's sleeping in his cat bed like I do with J in the middle of the night. I would never leave work at the drop of a hat because TH calls and tells me that he's got a fever and is shaking. I don't have 500 pictures of Yoda just eating. I've never cried at the prospect of being away from Yoda overnight, like I did last month when I spent a weekend away from J for the first time. It goes without saying--if it ever comes down to J or Yoda, well, sorry kitty, but I gotta choose the kid every time. (And notice that I'm barely mentioning our other cat Sunny, although I love her too.)

So now, when I have clients who tell me that their pet is their child, I understand where they're coming from, and I always treat their pets the way I would want my pediatrician to treat J. But still. I know that you can love an animal almost as much as one of your children.... almost, but not quite.

Friday, November 9, 2007

An example of things toddlers like to do when your back is turned "just for a minute":

Yes, that is the very same computer I'm typing on right now. Here's an exercise in frustration: try typing without a "shift" key. Let me know how it goes.

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Words You Never Thought You'd Hear Me Say...

...I've decided to run a 5K race next month. That's right folks. As in running. Outside. For more than 5 minutes straight. With other people.

I've been pretty successful with TGWLP of 2007 (See previous post for acronym explanation). I'm not going to post on this blog exact numbers because that's not really important. The coolest thing that's happened over the past few months is that I'm much more fit. I've been lifting weights, doing cardio....and yes, running. You don't understand how strange that sentence is. I HAVE NEVER LIKED RUNNING. EVER. But I discovered something a few months ago when TGWLP started. I got on a treadmill and just...made...myself...keep...going. After a few of these Self-Torture Sessions I discovered something I guess all "runners" must know but never told the rest of us -- after the first 10 or 15 minutes, if you keep going, the run gets easier. I never realized this before because, well, I never ran more than 10 minutes before.

Now, 6 months later, I can run on the treadmill for about 45-50 minutes straight, or 3-4 miles. A 5K is 3 miles give or take. So....I'm gonna do it. The race is Saturday, December 1. It's a charity run held every year here in LV where all of the runners are dressed in Santa suits. I kid you not. I asked TH to run with me and we could be "Superstar Team E" or something, but TH says he has no desire to run in a Santa suit. So he and J will be in charge of cheering and documenting this momentous occasion. Today I actually paid the registration fee (which includes said Santa suit), so now I CAN'T BACK OUT. Well, I could, but who likes to waste money?

Random J Pic of the Day:

Me Likey Oranges

Sunday, November 4, 2007

Sunday Randomness

So friends of ours moved away and we inherited their treadmill. I've been nagging TH for months to get me some kind of home gym equipment, ever since I started The Great Weight Loss Plan of 2007 back in May (not to be confused with TGWLP's of 2000-2006 -- those were just rehearsals, this time It's For Real). I used it the other day for the first time, and I have to admit I love having one of these things at home. I like the gym but I hate having to get ready and drive down there. So we'll see how it goes, you know how it is -- you're all excited and gung-ho the first couple of weeks, and then a few months later the treadmill is just a place to hang clothes.

Here are a few pics of J doing the toddler thing lately. As you can see he's getting over his food pickiness and eating junk like any self-respecting kid. The video at the end is just randomness but it makes me smile. Of course as a family member told me recently (kind of snarky I might add), since I'm a first-time mom I'm "easily impressed."

MMMM, we love Halloween goodies (mini Oreos to be exact).

And eating corndogs for the first time: (Yes! We knew he was our child!)

Why You Shouldn't Let a Toddler "Get Their Own Cereal":

I love this one because he looks like he's practicing for grade-school pictures:

And finally, the promised Random J Video of the Week (double-click on the big green Play Button):