Thursday, October 23, 2008

The Elusive Skunkakitty.

After realizing that Halloween is next Friday and thus I only have this weekend to throw together a costume for J, and frantically thumbing through various catalogues (One Step Ahead, Lillian Vernon, Target, etc.) to get inspiration from (code words for "copy"), I decided to go to the source. On the way home from daycare I started questioning J about what he might want to be for Halloween. Being 2.5 years old, he doesn't have much, if any, grasp on what Halloween is, or what a "costume" is, for that matter. His first response when I asked him what he wanted to be for Halloween? (As he looked out the window at a garbage truck) "A garbage truck! I wanna be a garbage truck!" Hmmm, ok, not quite getting it yet...

"J, on Halloween do you want to dress like a fireman?"

"No, a firetruck!"

"How about a policeman?" No. "A football player?" Nope. "A doctor, a monster, a dinosaur?" No, no, and thinking about

"Do you want to be an animal?"

"YES!! I wanna be a animal!" Bingo. I shoulda guessed, a boy after my own heart.

"What kind of animal? A doggie?" Firm no. "A horse?" Uh-uh. "An elephant?" Totally blank look. Then inspiration struck me. "Okay, how about a skunk, or a kitty?"

"Yes! A skunkakitty!!"

"No, J, a skunk or kitty. Which one?"

"A skunkakitty!"

"No, you're not understanding. Do you want to dress like a skunk, or do you want to dress like a kitty?"

(Now talking to me as if I'm the one with limited verbal skills). "Noooo, Mommy, not a skunk or dress like a kitty. A skunk-a-kit-ty." That's right, he sounded it out slowly in case I was still too slow on the uptake.

This morning I tested him to see if this whole idea held up overnight. "Hey, J," I slyly asked. "Tell Daddy what you want to dress as for Halloween." With no hesitation: "I wanna be a skunkakitty!"

Okay, then. If my baby wants to be a skunkakitty, then a skunkakitty it is. If anyone needs to find me this weekend, I'll be at the fabric store.


Joanna said...

LOL! I hate to say it, but I've encountered a skunkakitty before. I college, my neighbor had a big black and white Maine Coon Cat that we would cat sit for. SHe was very friendly and came to visit often. So, on night when I came home from a frineds I encountered said kitty on my front steps. I walked up to pet her, and realized that that kitty was no kitty. I was lucky that skunk didn't get me.

deebo47 said...

Ahh, we should start calling him Pepe Le Pew, LOL. It's funny to talk to toddlers about holidays sometimes, because they really have no context for anything. I remember when X was J's age, and I asked him what he wanted for Christmas. He looked around the room and said, "Cheerios and a light bulb." Huh? Now of course I almost wish we could go back to those simpler days (let me just say that the Christmas list has already been started at our house).