Tuesday, November 25, 2008

My Top Ten List

I'm totally uninspired to blog today. We had a GREAT weekend with family in town and an early Thanksgiving, but I can't come up with anything to say about it, except....we had a great weekend with family in town and an early Thanksgiving.

So I'm going to be lazy and just steal someone else's idea:) Laura recently posted about her Top Ten things she wants to do before she dies, and encouraged other bloggers to come up with their own list, so here's mine.

The Top Ten Things I Want to Do Before I Die:
(in no particular order)

1. Go on an African safari.

2. Open my own veterinary clinic.

3. Go on a honeymoon (that's right, we never had a honeymoon).

4. Learn to scuba dive, and then visit the Great Barrier Reef.

5. Travel to all of my favorite ancient history sites: Greece, Rome, and Egypt.

6. See my child(ren) grow up and become parents.

7. Perform a stand-up comedy routine in front of a paying audience...and actually make them laugh.

8. Be completely debt-free: No credit card debt, no student loans, no car loans, live in a house that is completely paid off.

9. Go to Disneyworld.

10. Open a coffee shop.

It looks like I have a lot to accomplish LOL. Hopefully I'll be blessed with another 50 years to do it all, right?


LauraC said...

My SIL went on an african safari and it was CRAZY. They paid $$$$$ to go though. The video and photos were insane.

I can't SCUBA because of my ear.

And we're debt-free except our house and our house is much smaller than we can afford. Let me tell you, after years of struggling and eating ramen, it's NNIIIIIICCEEE.

Joanna said...

I think I like your list better than mine, LOL! I would love to do an African safari. My neighbor did one, and she loved it.

I did actually have a chance for a free trip to the Ivory Coast. When i was in college, my boyfriend at the time father worker for the Gov and was living there. My boyfriend offered to take me home with him for several weeks. I declined because I couldn't bring myself to let a guy pay for something like that for me. Stupid, stupid, pride.