Sunday, January 25, 2009

Curse you, YouTube.

I've never been into the whole YouTube thing. Some of the videos are kind of funny, I guess, but it's all a little too random for my taste, so I've never spent much time on it. Until I made the mistake of introducing J to YouTube one interminable rainy afternoon when I felt sick and I was basically phoning in my parenting that day. It all started with a search for "dinosaur songs" which turned up this little gem:


Not so bad, right? Even educational in some ways. But somehow, J always (ALWAYS) manages to point and click and shift windows around to end up on this ridiculous video:

Try getting that song out of your head. I dare you. After that little trip down European Crack Fantasy Lane, we inevitably sample the next selection:

J insists on watching that one about five thousand times before moving on. Finally, after what seems like hours of watching inane, grainy picture-quality, iffy copyright status videos, when I tell J "one more song and THAT'S IT, BUDDY," I am forced to endure Barney. Over and over again.

I've started watching closely to see if there's a quick flash of some subliminal message with the instructions enabling J to find these videos every time, because he finds these four without fail in about ten seconds flat Every. Single. Time. A message that reads, "make your parents crazy click this one and then accidentally turn up the volume," or, "click here to increase the chances of Barney world domination." Lord help us in this "information" age.

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Joanna said...

Welcome to youtube hell. Michael takes Andy's iTouch away from him ALL. THE. TIME and searches youtube. I don't know how these kids do it, but isn't it amazing how quickly they find this stuff.

Did you search for Dinosaur Fart yet? It's a good one.