Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Stardate 0609.09 - Mom Confessions

  • Putting "Stardate" in the title of a blog - quite possibly one of the dorkier things I've done yet.
  • J has been stalling at bedtime by telling me there's a "ghost" in his room. Last night after his third trip out of his room I might have told him that "ghosts can grab you alot easier if you're walking around in your room instead of in your bed." I might have started a new, real night-time fear. But...he did stay in his bed after that.
  • Thanks to our new after-church "tradition" of the past couple of months, J knows what McDonald's is, and can rattle off his preferred order by heart ("Pancakes, and sausage, and orange juice, and SYRUP!!") I absolutely swore my kid wouldn't know about fast food (you know, before I had a kid that is), and now he gets Mickey D's breakfast 2-3 times a month. Whatever.
  • Last weekend J clotheslined himself on a table while riding his tricycle around the living room because he kept turning around telling me, "Watch me, Mommy!" instead of looking where he was going. I could see that he wasn't hurt, so I started laughing. Hysterically. Then he got mad at me for laughing (I tried to cover it up, I really did) and as he was dramatically stomping away he turned to me and said "It's not funny!" and while his head was turned he ran into the wall. Which made me laugh harder.
  • The other day J told TH, "Daddy, you have a flat booty." TH told me about it later and was all, "Where does he get this stuff from?" I didn't tell him that earlier that day, J ran up to me and pounded his fists on my rear end and yelled, "Mommy has a BIG BIG BOOTY!!" to which I replied, "Yeah, well, it's better than having a flat butt like your dad."
  • I realized this morning that I haven't taken a prenatal vitamin in almost 4 weeks. I just forgot. Oops.

There, I'm done.


Maria said...

The ghost thing mde me laugh outloud. Thank You! That is a riot.

Joanna said...

I think the thing I love the most about this is that in your confession you just gloss over the fact that your kid is riding a tricycle in the house like it's nothing.

Julie said...

Me too on so many of these! The prenatal vitamins--yep me too. The "I swore my kid won't even know what McD is"--yep me too. Lana loves the chicken mcnuggets and the TOY of course. And its more often than I'd like. Also laughing when it embarrasses her--yep, me too.

Angie said...

Toooooo funny & know that you are not the only mom doing these things! LoL!