Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Next thing you know he'll be begging to use my car.

J is turning into a big little kid right before my eyes. I can't really call him a toddler anymore, and on days like today I can easily envision how he's going to be a few years from now.

Normally in the morning our routine is to rush around getting dressed and ready for daycare and work, and despite our best efforts consistently leave the house 5 minutes late. In order to cut down on morning slow-downs we had to institute a rule (for J and for Mommy & Daddy) that no TV/computer/Blackberry can be turned on until we're all dressed, with teeth and hair brushed, and daycare backpacks or work lunchbags packed. Since we instituted this rule at the beginning of the summer, J has learned that if he lets us get him dressed & ready really quickly with a minimum of fighting, he can *maybe* get in a full episode of Dora before we leave.

So this morning, J seemed to be sleeping in--meaning it was about 6:15am and he wasn't up yet--so I went downstairs to make my lunch. (And eat a leftover piece of Surprise Baby Shower cake for breakfast, but that's besides the point.) I heard J get up, but he didn't come out of his room right away, which is strange. Usually he runs into our room and jumps on the bed so he can lounge for a few minutes before getting ready. So anyway this morning I heard him banging around in his room, and then, wonder of wonders, I heard him go into his bathroom unprompted and use the potty, including flushing and washing his hands. A few minutes later he came downstairs looking for me, and he was fully dressed! The clothes didn't quite match (khaki camo shirt with red and yellow shorts), but he had on a full outfit: shirt, shorts, underwear, socks, and toothbrush in his hand. I was amazed, and proud. Occasionally he'll pick out clothes or if we pick them out he'll put on the pants or something, but he's never completely gotten himself ready in the morning without any assistance at all. When I asked him where the clothes came from, he shrugged and in this nonchalant, teenagery "duh, mom" voice said, "I got them out of the drawers in my bedroom. I have to get dressed and ready before I turn the computer on." And he proceeded to go upstairs, turn on the computer, and load up the Nick Jr. website by himself.

On the one hand, if he can get himself ready in the morning my days are going to be alot easier once the new baby arrives. But I still felt kind of wistful after he went back upstairs to do his own thing. J really isn't a baby anymore...

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Joanna said...

Three is such an amazing age. They grow and change so much it's scary. It's wonderful and sad all at the same time.

And, you know he's going to regress to wanting you to dress him the first day you head back to work after the baby comes. Just to make it that much harder.