Friday, October 16, 2009

Phone Photo Friday - the Happiest Baby on This Block

Ok I haven't read "The Happiest Baby on the Block" (yet) but I know that white noise or "shushing" is a part of the spiel. So today I downloaded a continuous loop of white noise and holy moly did that work like magic! Not that Jr. is a bad sleeper but I'm trying to get him used to being in the Bjorn less and in the bassinette more during the day. Add in a pacifier and voila! Baby asleep within 10 minutes without swaddling or carrying him around, and on his back no less. Gold star for Dr. Karp.

Disclaimer: My phone is a piece of shiznit. Not a cool iPhone or iTouch or Blackberry--more like an iHave-a-Relative-Who-Works-For-Sprint-So-I-Get-A-Cheapo-Phone. Hence the poor quality pic.


Julie said...

Um, that is impressive!! Gold star for Dr. Desi :)

LauraC said...

Love the pic, omg he is so precious.
And you know with twins, we HAD to get them to go to sleep without rocking them or carrying them around, so we always had white noise playing at naps and bedtime. There was a CD called For Crying Out Loud with 12-13 different types of white noise. We found as they got older, their white noise interests changed. First they loved heartbeat then waves crashing.

And vacuum cleaner was perfect for when one baby needed something (diaper change) and the other was screaming his head off. That's pretty much how I did bedtime solo once Jon started traveling at 3 months, turned on the ceiling fan for them to look at and if someone started crying, turned vacuum cleaner to full volume to stop the crying.

Heidi O said...

He is beautiful! Yeah for the sleep and the picture. We have a fan but I don't think it is loud enough to cover the other kids sometimes. I might need to download some noise and add it to the room.

Steph said...

What a great picture of you new little cutie!

Karen said...

What an adorable baby! He looks so peaceful.