Monday, June 14, 2010

Random Monday

  • After working ridiculously hard for a couple of weeks, I'm now in the middle of what I guess you'd call my Summer Vacation, and it has been soooooo needed. TH took this week off with me so we're having a little Staycation here in Vegas -- not sure what we're going to do but we're thinking maybe a night with the kids at a Strip long as it has a pool we'll be happy. That's one of the major downsides of living in LV, after awhile it's not exciting to "go to Vegas" anymore, we hardly ever even drive down the Strip and it's been a good 5 years since we actually stayed in a hotel down there. We just realized the other day that J has never seen the Strip at night (unless we're driving past it on the highway) or stuff like the fountains at Bellagio, so this should be a good time.

  • Speaking of pools...I really wish we had one. I mean, besides the little 4ft diameter kiddie pool J "swims" in every day. I know that if we had a pool I'd always be nervous about safety with the kids, but these Vegas summers are killer - we've already hit 110 degrees and it's not even July. This weekend I did come up with the genius idea of putting J's pool at the bottom of his plastic slide/climber so he could splash down while I held the hose over the slide to make a "waterfall." It was alot of fun...for him LOL.

  • I didn't get on board with the whole "500 in 2010" thing because I knew it was entirely unrealistic for me this year. However I have been back on Weight Watchers and trying to get back into running. It's been a sloooooow progression with slooooooow weight loss. I get the feeling that breastfeeding is a major obstacle - it seems like no matter what I'm doing, my body wants/needs to hang onto a little padding while I'm BFing. Which is fine, I get the feeling we're winding down on that anyway.

  • Speaking of boobs :) - Can anyone recommend a good store/website/catalogue where someone who is, um, well-endowed can get a GOOD running bra? This is another obstacle that I've never been able to figure out - when I'm not pregnant/nursing I'm well into a DD cup, and right now we're in E/F territory. Usually I put on 2 bras and hope for the best but I was hoping someone had a better idea...I'm willing to spend $$$ if I can find a truly supportive jog bra.

  • I've been reading other posts about doing a TV detox - and I realized that I'm probably the only person on earth who has never seen Lost, 24, Desperate Housewives, The Bachelor, Survivor, How I Met Your Mother, Mad Men, or any number of "hit" TV shows. Where the hell have I been? I couldn't tell you. So You Think You Can Dance, however -- THAT I'm all over. There's no way I could not watch SYTYCD.

  • Jr. is crawling, pulling up, and occasionally standing by himself (!!!). It's kind of disconcerting to watch because he's still on the small side, still wearing 3/6 month onesies. I actually like him being mobile...except for the middle of the night where he's doing the whole "I have new skills so I must try them out at 1am and then get stuck" routine. Ah, babies.

  • I was also inspired by other bloggers to rent The Empire Strikes Back for J to watch this weekend (we have the original trilogy of course...on VHS. And we no longer have a VCR.). WOW did he love that movie!! Next on the list of movies from my childhood that I feverishly hope I can watch with my kids: Goonies.

  • Speaking of teaching your kid to like the things you used to like...J is waaaaay into Michael Jackson right now. We listen to the Thriller album in the car pretty much every day. He knows all of the songs and requests his favorites. TH also has him hooked on the "Michael Jackson: Number Ones" DVD (all of the good MJ videos, it's actually pretty fun to watch). This is funny to me because although I was a fan of MJ like everyone else, TH is what you'd call a Superfan. I've only seen him cry a handful of times in the almost 20 years I've known of those times being when MJ died last year. TH is kind of shy but if you get him drunk at a party and play "Thriller" or "Beat It" he will do the entire choreography, from beginning to end. I kid you not. How it warms my heart to see father and son bonding while watching the "Rock With You" video...


LauraC said...

Desi, it is not too late to join 500 in 2010! Some people are making it their own thing, some people are doing 350 in 2010, some 250 in 2010. Whatever floats your boat. I have found it keep me motivated, seeing the miles pile up. So much easier to say HOLY CRAP I've run 350 miles this year than "I've worked out 4 days a week for 6 months."

No pressure, but it is a big help.

On the bra front, I am a 34DD. I buy all my sports bras through Title 9 Sports. They do a dumbbell system, 4+ dumbbells meaning it holds up the serious abuse. I have used both the Frog Bra and the Last Resort Bra and they really do provide NO BOUNCE.

I think that is why my 34DDs are still so perky despite the serious miles.

Title 9 also lets you return whatever doesn't fit and you can call them with questions. Woman owned co-op with great customer service. Check it out.

Joanna said...

LOL, I was going to say that Laura would have some advice on bras for you, but she beat me here. I'm lucky that I fit into a C cup, which is very easy to find. Although, after almost getting stuck in one at the running store (staffed by one man) I think I'll look into ones that hook for the future.

I've watched a few episodes of How I meet your mother, but that's it. I'm really not up to date on the pop TV stuff.

As far as Michael Jackson is concerned, I don't think you have to work too hard to get anyone to like Michael Jackson. He may have been a little odd, but damn was his music good. I was all goth in the '80s, but I still listened to Michael Jackson.