Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Caption Wednesday: Random Summer Stuff. (Let's face it, I couldn't be "wordless" if my life depended on it.)

Here, little Jr. points out several areas where the babyproofing is severely lacking. For instance, did you know that babies this small can stand up in the tub and grab the faucet handle, like, really fast?

Hi Mommy! There's no way you'll whip these pictures out and show them to our girlfriends when we're 16, right? Right?

Finally! Beginning to see the advantage of having two kids: they play together like this for a few hours every day and I can actually get stuff done around the house. It is kind of sad, though, how Jr. doesn't really have any toys of his own--we've been so lazy about buying him stuff since he's perfectly content playing with his older brother's Hot Wheels and RC vehicles.

"Sigh...est si dur être un bébé parfois. Pourquoi suis-je pense en français? Je ne sais pas, le regard sur mon visage a appelé pour lui."

"Oh, hey there little Jr., I know the camera's on me so I'm pretending to be all nice and stuff and acting like I didn't just PUT MY HANDS ON EITHER SIDE OF YOUR HEAD AND PUSH YOU DOWN TO THE FLOOR like 2 minutes ago because you kept trying to touch my precious Cars Laptop..."

Yeah, yeah, it's unsafe, sparklers can kill people, blah blah blah. You're only young once. And I must admit, J usually acts really nervous/scared about this kind of stuff so I was actually proud on 4th of July when he was the only kid at the BBQ who would hold the sparklers.

Ah, little kids. Don't let this picture fool you. J did not put his face in the water (voluntarily) one single time at the pool but he INSISTED on wearing these goggles the whole time. 4 is my favorite age so far - everything is fascinating!

Seriously you guys, I know he's my kid and I'm biased but the girls are in so much trouble when this one gets older.

"Hellooooo, ladies..."

You know what they say, the higher the hair, the closer to God.


Karla said...

Your boys are so handsome!

Stacey said...

Your kids are amazingly gorgeous. And could they be more perfect?!? Playing together for hours a day. Where did I go wrong?

Lindsay said...

Cute, cute, cute! You shouldn't let me near Jr. in October, as I might sneak him home with me.

LauraC said...

Loving all the pics!
And that last caption - priceless!!

Joanna said...

Dude, trust me...youngest kids don't need toys. The only toys they want to play with are the toys their older siblings are playing with.

As for 4, I'm loving it too. So much fun.

As for Jr.'s hair, I really hope you don't have it cut before October because I'm dying to bury my nose in it and feel the tickle.

Julie said...

Great great photos!! I am amazed (and jealous) that your boys play together. Lana is so not interested in playing with Lacey--babies are waaayy too boring. Lana's toys are all teeny tiny choking hazards anyway.

J looks like such a little man! He is super duper cute. Watch out ladies indeed! 4 is my favorite so far too.

Jr.'s hair is amazing--so adorable! I love the pic in the tub too--look at those little buns!