Monday, March 30, 2009

It's not all whining...sometimes he's pretty cute, too.

Despite all the whining and defiance and being contrary over nothing on a daily basis, I must admit that I still enjoy this age. J is my constant companion, my little buddy. I've had days where, if it wasn't for the fact that he's just under 3 years old, I would describe him as my best friend. What would I do without him? What did we do before we had him? Was life really that interesting? I doubt it.

I've been working extremely hard lately, coming home super late most days and even going to the clinic on my days off. (This is mostly due to my colleague being on maternity leave and me being the only doctor for the last 6 weeks. Just an aside - I thought I wanted to open my own clinic within the next couple of years, but I think that will have to wait. Running a single-doctor practice is a bit much with small kids at home. But anyway.) Last week, like clockwork, I started to develop my usual hellish seasonal allergies, with the added bonus of being pregnant and not being able to take any of the "good" allergy stuff. So yesterday I was laying on the bed with a monster sinus headache, unable to breath through my nose, and generally miserable. J must have been able to tell I was under the weather because he climbed up on the bed with me and started trying to cheer me up.

"Let's play hide and seek!" he whispered, pulling the covers up over us. "You hafta be quiet so Daddy can't find us." Then he started jumping around and shrieking and jerking the covers around on me, having a leeeetle too much fun with the whole "hiding from Daddy" thing.

"J!" I hissed. "Mommy doesn't feel good! STOP JUMPING AROUND ON THE BED. You're supposed to be hiding, anyway. How exactly does one hide making this much noise?"

At this he surprisingly calmed down and curled up next to me, with his little head inches from mine on the pillow. "You don't feel good?" he said. "You sick?" And apparently inspiration struck because he hopped off the bed and ran into his room. A few minutes later he came running back with his Favorite Item of All Time, his green blankie that has been his constant companion literally since he came home from the hospital, and who is simply called "Blanket."

"Here, Mommy," he whispered. "I brought you Blanket. I take care of you." Then he covered me up with Blanket and laid down next to me again, and started scratching my back. Ah, that kid. In our house "scratch my back" is the ultimate affection, worth more to me than a foot rub or a hot bath. "Look, Mommy, I scratch you back. You get better." Then he snuggled in and told me, "Let's take a nap a-gether (together)." Then, bless his little heart, he started singing "Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star." When he was done I asked him for a kiss, and he happily obliged with a smack on my cheek. I love his little kisses, especially now that he's learned how to do it right and not slobber all over my face. Those little lips! So precious. He's going to be a serious heartbreaker someday.

Then, right before I drifted off (into what was unfortunately only a 20 minute power nap because I got called in to work to see about a patient - on a Sunday no less), J threw his arm over me and said, "You the best."

"I'm the best?" I said, having never heard him say this particular phrase before.

" the best Mommy I have." And then we fell asleep.


Karla said...

That is absolutely the most heart warming story. I love it.

Karla said...

Hope your allergies feel better too.

Mel said...

AWWW that is so sweet! At this age they are either being 100% ornery or 100% sweet. Allergies during pregnancy are no fun. Hope you feel better soon.

Joanna said...

Sniff, sniff. What a sweet thing for him to do. How can you resist them when they can be so darn cute.

Julie said...

Ok, maybe its my raging hormones, but I totally got misty when I read this post! What a sweet sweet boy you have. Hope you feel better. I can relate--I have had back to back colds and have been congested and coughing for 3 weeks straight.