Monday, March 23, 2009

Mr. Whiny McWhinerson

Well, the title says it all. As J quickly approaches three, he's becoming a Master Whiner. He's been whining about everything. He whines from the minute he opens his eyes in the morning ("I wanna watch TV. Turn on the Teeee-veeeee. I want some milk. NO! I don't want milk! I want apple juuuuuuuice.") He whines while we're getting ready for daycare. He whines in the car about the music selection. ("I don't like that one, Mommy! Turn on the other one. The other ooooooone. The ooooooother oooooone. I don't like this one.....") He whines as soon as he gets in the car after daycare about dinner. He whines at the dinner table about which bowl he's eating out of it in an especially cranky voice, the Witching Hour voice which is a combination of tired + hungry + needing attention from parents after daycare all day + being almost 3. He whines about taking a bath, then he whines about getting out of the tub. He whines about Mimi licking him too much and pretty much everything Yoda does for some reason ("Noooooo, Yoda's walking on the staaaaaairs! Noooo Yoda! He's laying on the cooooooouch.") Then he whines about me not getting in his bed with him and basically whines himself to sleep.

Can you tell we've been listening to alot of whining this weekend? J has even been spending time on the Timeout Rug just because he wouldn't stop whining. And you know what he does while he's over there? You guessed it. He whines about how he doesn't want to sit on the rug. Lord help me, I almost miss the tantrums - at least those were few and far between and pretty much over within 10 minutes. Something tells me the whining is just getting started.


LauraC said...

We moved timeout to their bedroom when the whining started! (Also because their offenses now make me very mad and it's better for mommy to have a breather.) Alex is a big whiner too and I read they actually don't understand they are whining.

As for the music in the car, I just turn it loud until I can't hear them objecting any more :)

Steph said...

I have to have Ben read this just to say Cooper is not the only one!

Joanna said...

OMG! It's horrible in our house too. Andy and I have started tag teaming it. When one of us get's too fed up, the other will step in. It's the only thing that has kept us from killing ourselves.

Julie said...

The whining is like nails on a blackboard to me! I feel your pain. I have no coping mechanism for whining and sometimes I need a time out myself!