Monday, April 27, 2009

3 Year Stats

I can't believe 3 is upon us already--in four days, to be exact, on May 1. I get the feeling this is going to be the theme of all my posts over the next week because I really am shocked at how fast the past year went. J had his 3-year checkup last Friday, and as suspected, he's getting taller and thinner by the day.

Weight: 31.9 lbs (5oth percentile) Weight last year: 30 lbs

Height: 40 in. (97th percentile) Height last year: 36 in.

Head circumference: 99th percentile (I forgot the actual measurement).

That's right. Mr. Beanstalk has grown FOUR INCHES TALLER since last year but only 1.9lbs heavier. It's so funny, because TH and I are both, um, shortish and not exactly thin, so J must be channeling the genes from other family members. He used to be a chubby, round baby, always in the 90+ percentile for weight, until last year. Now he's the kid wearing 4T pants for the length but pinned up in the back so they don't fall off of his skinny little butt. He also has longish feet, right now he's wearing between an 8 and 9 toddler shoe (now THAT he got from Size 13 Daddy).

The pediatrician also mentioned that J has "excellent" verbal skills, which may explain why he's not that interested in potty training right now. He explained that kids can only devote their brains to learning so many things at one time, and if J is in a verbal phase right now, he may not have enough room to process other new skills. This makes sense to me. I was whining to a friend the other day about why is her turning-3-in-May toddler completely potty-trained and mine is nowhere near it? And she said to me that she wasn't surprised because "J can just about recite the encyclopedia already, and my kid doesn't even want to learn the alphabet. Yours has quicker language skills, mine has quicker motor skills." I just never thought about it that way, I guess.

All in all, it was a great appointment. Everything's good, nothing to be concerned about, very healthy and thriving, etc. Since then J has also taken to carrying around his little stethoscope (from an "Animal Doctor" dress-up kit, thankyouverymuch) and putting it on my eyes or chest and saying, "I'm the doctor, I'm going to fix you and make you better." Yesterday he must have remembered the OB appointment last week because he lifted up my shirt and put the stethoscope on my belly, saying, "Let's see what the baby's doing now, ok?"

Of course when I asked him, purely out of curiosity as to what he'd say, "How is the baby going to get out of my tummy?" he responded, "The baby's never coming out. NEVER!" and ran outside.


Joanna said...

40 inches tall! Yikes! Where did out little babies go? It seems like just yesterday that they were smushy little lumps.

I just about died laughing when I read that the baby is NEVER coming out. Wow, is his whole world going to be rocked!

Karla said...

Happy Birthday from one May 1st (almost) 3 yr old to another! Hope you all have a great day!

Rita said...

Um. WOW. He's so much bigger than X. Happy almost birthday to J! And I'm amused at his reaction to you birthing (or in his world, not birthing). He's going to be a great big brother! Super exciting..