Saturday, July 11, 2009

Weekend Jambalaya

It's been a whirlwind past couple of weeks, as evidenced by my lack of blogging, Facebooking, sitting down for a few minutes to read a book....of course there's always alot going on in my mind, lots of deep thoughts that could be potential posts, but I just can't find the time. Anyhoo.

**Potty Training Update**
After a spectacular start, a headlong jump out of the gate, J's potty training is....meh. He's wearing underwear everyday, and for the most part managing to be accident-free. At night, however, he definitely still needs a Pull-Up, and when it comes to #2, it's an uphill battle to say the least. He's still got some kind of fear of pooping on the potty, so he holds it. And holds it. And holds it. For days at a time, until he either has a massive accident (usually during naptime) or has a freak-out on the potty yelling about not being able to do it and "LEAVE ME LONE! I'M GOING POO-POO!!" and crying and groaning and then maybe 20 minutes later we hear him exclaim to himself, "Hey, I just went poo-poo on the potty!" as if he's totally surprised that it happened. Methinks this will take awhile.


Over the last few weeks J has entered a new "I want Daddy" phase that we're all enjoying. He and TH have always been close because TH is a very hands-on and involved dad, but like most 3-year-olds J has been Mom-centric for most of his life. Maybe it's my growing belly and tiredness, maybe it's him finally realizing that Mommy may be a tomboy of sorts but she's still a girl (he points this out to me all the time now), maybe it's the extra hours I worked over the last few months enabling J and TH to spend more time together. Either way, now he watches TH's every move, and tries to emulate him. He pretends to shave in the morning, and brushes his hair "the way Daddy does it" and even asks TH to spray cologne on him after he gets dressed. TH was putting together some shelves in the garage, and J ran to get his plastic tools telling me as he ran by, "Me and Daddy are building something together!" Yesterday he even hung out in the stifling hot garage "working out" with TH, with Daddy showing him how to do push-ups and holding him up to the chin-up bar. Very cute. Both TH and I grew up with fairly absent fathers, so I feel very blessed that J has a dad like TH.


We finally got around to doing some baby stuff. "Some baby stuff" being painting the nursery and hanging up window treatments. Uh....that's it. I've come to realize that because of past losses, I have a little bit of residual paranoia about buying things like baby clothes and diapers. I keep wanting to, but when I'm in the baby section at the store I get this overwhelming feeling that it's still too early, that something bad might still happen. I've even had the strange thought when I wake up in the morning that this baby is just a dream I was having, despite the fact that I can feel him kicking every day and have had 5 ultrasounds now where it's clearly evident that he's real. It's hard to explain, and I don't think I'm going to get over these feelings until he's born.


At the end of this month TH and I will have our 7th wedding anniversary. That blows my mind. It feels like 7 minutes ago! I wish I could freeze this period in our life, make it slow down a little.
It all goes by so fast...


Joanna said...

I think it's great that TH and J are getting so close. I melt at just the thought of J shaving like daddy. Too sweet.

I understand that feeling that you get and not wanting to buy anything for the baby yet. Don't worry. All you need are diapers and a place for the little bean to sleep. Everything else you can pick up later.

Julie said...

You are way ahead of me on the nursery! Mine is still a guest room. For some reason I can't buy stuff either. I think its b/c I feel like I already have stuff, not that I know where it is or anything. The second pregnancy is just so darn different. Someone asked me how many weeks I was and I couldn't tell him--that is how little I am paying attention. I just said I am due at the end of September.

I think its wonderful how J and TH are buddies--it will help you so much when #2 arrives. Plus its really really cute!