Monday, February 22, 2010

33 on the clock.

Today I'm 33. Not a "big" birthday, but it really sounds like a grown-up age, doesn't it? Closer to 40 than I am to 20. Which is not a bad thing, whenever I'm around 20-year-olds I definitely feel the age gap and realize I'm more comfortable with "my generation." People like me, who actually owned record albums and remember when Madonna looked like a person and know what movie is being referenced when someone yells out "Wolverines!!" and actually feel old when we realize while watching Two and a Half Men that we still think of Jon Cryer as Ducky and that all of the Molly Ringwald movies came out like twenty-five years ago. You know, grown-ups.

I didn't make any real "resolutions" at New Year's this year, so instead I have a few goals between now and my next birthday. By the time I'm 34:
  • I would like to run at least 2 more 5K's and start thinking about a half marathon. Of course this would mean I have to start running again. I've been walking and lifting weights, and I plan to start running again once Jr. is 6 months old (I'm just so paranoid about doing anything that will diminish my milk supply).
  • In conjunction with my first goal, I'd really like to lose this last bit of pregnancy weight. For once in my life I'm not overly worried about it, though. Since losing weight with Weight Watchers last year I feel like I have a good handle on the "right" way to lose weight. I started W.W. again a couple of weeks ago and already I'm back in good habits and shedding pounds.
  • I really, really, really want to get away for a weekend without my husband and kids. Bless their hearts, I love them but it's been awhile since I had some "me" time. Can I do this without guilt? Probably not but I'm still going to do it.
  • I need to decide once and for all if I'm going to try to go back and do a residency. Now that I'm 6 years out of vet school, I've been coming across classmates of mine (some younger than me) who pursued the specialist route and now they're all board-certified and published and all accomplished and stuff. This year I really need to figure out if I can feel ok with my own accomplishments (i.e. kids) and lay to rest the desire to be a specialist, or if it's time for me to say what the heck and look into another 3-4 years of schooling. (The very thought makes me shudder so I'm thinking I already know how I feel about this one).
  • Debt free, except for student loans, mortgage, and car payment. We're close now. I think this is totally attainable within the next few months.

And finally...I'm going to eat a pomegranate. When I was writing about making baby food and how J is a picky eater, TH said, "Well, you're a picky eater." And he's kind of right. I do have a fairly long list of foods I don't like, mostly fruits. I don't know why. I love a good vegetable, but other than plain old bananas/apples/oranges/grapes I just can't get into fruits. Strawberries? No, I've never liked the flavor. Plums? Weird texture. Mango? Too slimy. Kiwi? God, no. Gag. Peaches, raspberries, and pineapple? Only in yogurt or baked in a dessert. But the worst offender is the pomegranate, with all those little seeds!! Gah, my stomach clenches thinking about them, they skeeve me out that much. So this year...I'm doing it. Maybe.


LauraC said...

Happy birthday! These all sound like great resolutions! But um, you forgot about meeting all your other bbc May 06 mom friends :)

Steph said...

Happy birthday! Maybe you can get that 'weekend away' in October!

Heidi O said...

Happy Birthday! And no worries I knew I wasn't stood up and I thought it was funny that they did! You want to run either the half or full in December? Can we figure out a way to train together?

Joanna said...

Happy Birthday! 33 is a nice age. (I got pregnant then) LOL about "ducky" I just can't get past that either.

As far as pomegranates? I've eaten them. They are overrated and, in my opinion, not worth the trouble. (Unlike Laura and her chicken wing aversion. They are worth the trouble.)

Karen said...

Happy Birthday! I can completely relate to wanting a weekend away for yourself and feeling guilty about it. Have only been away by myself once since having kids!!

Julie said...

Happy Birthday!! I hope you had a great day.

I cannot believe you have time for walking and weight lifting AND starting W.W--I am impressed! I barely have time to brush my teeth and shower. My eating habits are horrendous right now. I keep saying I am in survival mode with the baby and I keep waiting for things to get easier--I am good with excuses--LOL!

Try new fruits in a smoothie if texture is an issue. I love pomegranates, but if you are hung up on the seed thing, its not going to be fun for you--there is a lot of chewing of seeds, but the sweet/sour thing is so awesome. Trader Joes sells just the arils so you don't have to go through the dissection of the whole fruit.