Friday, May 7, 2010

Photo Friday - 4th Birthday Party

The Theme: Hot Wheels (what else?)

A friend who's been to all of J's birthday parties commented about our "big" party every year "Wow, he is so spoiled." Whatev. My mom did it for us even when we were broke (one year she made decorations out of a packet of construction paper). It's once a year, get over it, if you can't spoil them on their birthday when can you?

This year's masterpieces LOL. Time spent making and tinting frosting: about 30 minutes. Time spent decorating the cupcakes and "giant"cupcake: about 30 minutes. Total cost including decorations: Maybe $12. I'll never buy another birthday cake from a bakery again.

Do these things ever get old? We briefly considered not getting one but we got a "hook-up" (i.e. dirt cheap) and without the jumpy...what else would we do? Play games or something? I couldn't wait for the kids to leave so I could get in it - TH took pictures of me jumping in there that will never see the light of day because I made the hugely unfortunate decision to wear white linen pants to a kids birthday party. You can imagine.

For once we look just alike, people usually say he favors TH. I love these visors as opposed to actual party hats.

Having a ridiculously good time with his best friend K. Seriously at one point they were running around and J was clutching his face saying, "I'm just so...EXCITED!!"

Bittersweet moment. First year I haven't had to hold him up to the candles and walk him through it. He was so grown up, and I kept thinking, "This year's party is one he'll actually remember 20 years from now." After looking at this picture I also thought, "When will I learn to put on some frigging Spanx if I'm going to wear a 'tissue-thin' t-shirt..."

Happy. Tired. Blessed.


Maria said...

I totally agree with the bouncy house idea! It actually gives parents a chance to talk because everyone knows where the kids are. Your family is gorgeous by the way.

Karla said...

You crack me up. We went the Bounce House route too and that is definitely the way to go!!

Heidi O said...

I am so sorry we missed it. It looks like lots of fun. And yay it is amazing that they will probably remember so much more from now on and even better because they can read about it through our eyes.

Mel said...

That looks like a great party! Analese got a bounce house for her birthday last year. They are fun!

Steph said...

Happy Birthday J!!! We rented a bounce house last year w/Ben's cousin who has a daughter 2 days older than Cooper-- it was a great route to go for a kids party at the house.

Love the family picture at the end.

Joanna said...

Happy birthday J! What a great party. Bounce houses are pretty much awesome, and LOL about wanting to get in yourself. I'm the same way.

Julie said...

Looks like a great party! You are talented with those cakes!! I just remembered, you are crafty. Bounce houses are the best, although we don't have enough yard space for one. You look great, by the way--so stylish!