Thursday, May 20, 2010

Road Trippin'. In bullet points.

  • Despite the little setbacks and annoying moments, I still say that spending hours in the car with the kids HANDS DOWN beats spending hours at an airport/on a plane with the kids. At least on a road trip you can stop whenever you need to. For instance if you have a four-year-old who has to pee every time you're about 5 miles from FRICKING NOWHERE.

  • "Rented Car Console Road Trip Detritus: A Still Life"

  • Speaking of annoying moments. I'm not sure what the Geneva Convention has to say about it but I'm pretty sure that listening to one kid fuss/cry loudly as another kid whines incessantly while you're enclosed in a small space like a car is a waaaaaay more effective torture method than waterboarding could ever be.

  • Oh, portable DVD player, what would we do without you...

  • Speaking of setbacks. The $90 that we randomly spent for one night at a Best Western in Cedar City, Utah when the kids were torturing us as above and we realized that it was after dark and we still had AT LEAST THREE MORE HOURS until we were back in Vegas? BEST MONEY WE EVER SPENT.
  • Chillin at the random motel.

  • So apparently a certain small someone cannot be trusted on a bed or other elevated surface anymore because a certain small someone learned how to crawl overnight while we were on this trip.

  • Amazingly as soon as we got to Denver Jr. stopped itching and had absolutely no allergy symptoms while we were there. The very first night we were back home he scratched the crap out of his face and his eczema flared up. File that under "Yet Another Reason We Need to Stop Jacking Around and Just Move Back to Colorado, Already." (And before you say, "Maybe it's your cats!" my sister also has pets. It's not the cats.)

  • It really is a nice city.

  • You want to be an effing Rock Star the next time you see your out-of-state nieces and nephews? Bring a puppy with you as a surprise. (Don't worry, their mother knew about it.)

  • Look what we brought! A puppy! TOP THAT.

  • After a week of dwindling pumping output and Jr. being increasingly annoying at the breast (i.e. only nursing for 30 seconds at a time while kicking me in the stomach and pinching me), I thought that while were on the trip we were going to Stop Nursing Forever. Until he had an apparent reaction to the formula and suddenly was interesting in nursing normally again. So now we're back to Begrudgingly Still Breastfeeding. For now.

  • Speaking of decreased milk supply. PPAF. Totally unexpected. Therefore I was totally unprepared. Thus we were totally late to my sister's graduation ceremony (the whole reason for the trip, she got her Master's degree) because we had to make an emergency WalMart run. Oh, what a lovely 18 months without you, AF...

  • You want to feel old? Go visit your old college campus and GET LOST trying to find the student union because there are so many new buildings and all your old landmarks are gone. Then try to track down one of your favorite professors who was a mentor only to be told that he retired "like 5 years ago."

  • My old dorm, Sewall Hall. Still one of the loveliest campuses there is.

    Running around at the student union (CU Boulder).

  • Garden of the Gods. If you've never been, it's sooooo worth a visit. Just look at this:

  • I can't believe I'm about to write this. After renting one and driving it all over hill and dale and back again...I kind of maybe sorta want a minivan now. A MINIVAN. What has become of me...
  • And finally, how many shots does it take to get The Perfect Family Photo in the Mountains? I don't know, we never got it.

Perfect! Now just look at the right *&$@ camera.



Obviously not.

There's always one joker in the bunch...


LauraC said...

LOVE the write up!

We had the absolute worst plane experience ever on the way back from Fargo once. It stopped us from plane travel for a year. I definitely thought I was in hell with two fussing whining 15 month olds. So did the rest of the plane.

Joanna said...

Awesome post! Although I'm bummed that you preempted my pet comment.

The picture of J and Jr on the bed made me want to reach into the monitor, pull Jr out, and nuzzle my nose into that sweet puff of hair. I can just imagine how wonderfully tickley and baby smelling it would be.

Heidi O said...

So did you hear the one about the husband who wanted the minivan and the wife who wanted the suv? And somehow the wife ended up with the minivan and the husband ended up with the suv....And they lived happily ever after.

I love the story. But let's not talk about plane trips. We are about to embark on a super long one tonight.

Julie said...

Great post! I just LOVE Jr.'s hair--it cracks me up. I can't believe he is crawling!! Lacey is not even close--she belly flops from sitting and then whines until she is rescued.

Your trip looked fun! Colorado is in your heart. I too have been back to my college campus, only to feel really old and lost and confused. Plus all the college kids looked so young. You want a minivan b/c they are so useful and easy and convenient. Yes, I am a proud minivan driver and I am uncool, but I LOVE my minivan! I also love the DVD player in the minivan so Miss Talky talk can give me a minute or two of silence.

Glad you had a great trip and welcome home!!

claudia said...

Looks like a good trip with those dear babies and thanks for the Denver skyline - my home too and sometimes I do miss it - but mostly the people. The trouble is every time I go back,(not nearly as often as you), it changes so much. Once a building is 15 years old it is torn down and replaced with "new". I guess that is true in the West in general. History disappears.