Sunday, August 1, 2010

His grandmother would be proud.

On the way home from church today, J out of nowhere said, "Daddy, I need to see your Bible." Which he pronounces "Bobble" but I don't correct him because it's cute and makes me laugh. It was kind of a random request because although we've gone to church pretty regularly since J was an infant, we can never tell if he's actually understanding anything that goes on at church or what we're talking and singing and reading about.

"Why do you want my Bible?" TH said. "I want to see what it's about," J replied. TH handed him the Bible, a black leatherbound old-school Christ's-words-in-red King James Version (i.e. no pictures, really small words, thin pages), and J turned to the first page, and just...started reading. TH turned down the radio so we could listen, and J proceeded to read through almost the entire first chapter of Genesis before stopping and saying, "God made the light because when it was dark it was really creepy and scary so he made a flash of lightning so there would be light." Wow. I don't know why, but I got goosebumps listening to J read the Bible like that. He seemed so grown up, not like a 4-year-old at all. When we got home, I made him read it again just so I could get it on tape. (I mean, on memory card. Is that something that's going to give away the age of people in our generation, that we still say we're "taping" something? Anyway.)

I'm sure you're all getting sick of me going on about J's reading skills but I felt the need to brag this time, so here you have it, J reading the Bible. (He actually went on for quite awhile but that would be too boring even for me, his adoring mother.)


Stacey said...

Believe me, if my kid could do that I'd be proud too! What am amazing boy you have.

Heidi O said...

That's fantastic! I love hearing little ones read. Now if I could just get Maggie to read more.