Wednesday, September 29, 2010

My Heart

I woke up this morning a little confused.

Wasn't this just yesterday?

It was a year ago that I wondered whether I could love you as much as your big brother. All that worry, gone in an instant the minute I saw you.

My sweet little boy, with your angelic face and loud voice and freakishly strong little hands.

My feisty second baby that made me realize just how easy my first baby was. The baby who benefited from me having so much more confidence in myself as a mother. The baby who I actually cherished the late nights with (and they were/are many, for you are also the baby who fights sleep!) instead of wishing the time away.

My petite little man, so much smaller than your brother was but already outpacing his 4 year old appetite! I still have yet to find any food you refuse. Can it be eaten? Then you like it.

Our "Littleness." You really made us a family as cheesy as that sounds. J is a big brother because of you, and he's learned so much from having you around, even more than you've probably learned from him. Oh, how you adore him! I hope you always feel this way.

The past year has been so hard for us in so many ways. But when I look back I hope I'll remember this as the year of Jr., the bright spot in all this darkness, the source of so much joy.

My "Sweet Pea."

My "Poofy Puffhead."

My "Manny-Moo."

My heart.

Could I love you as much, indeed. Happy First Birthday.


Lindsay said...

I'm in love! Can I have him???

Maria said...

The sweetness is just irresistable!

LauraC said...

Happy happy birthday!
Such such sweetness. So many adorable pictures.

Joanna said...

Happy Birthday!

Those cheeks, those eyes, the poofy hair, the eyebrows. I'm with Lindsay, I'm totally in love.

Julie said...

Ok, this post made me tear up a little. He is adorable! So sweet and wonderful. What a year it has been!

Karen said...

Happy Birthday! He looks so sweet and innocent. And I worried about loving the second as much as the first. My worries were for nothing.

cathy said...

Your kids are adorable!! So glad to meet you this past weekend.


Heidi O said...

Oh my. I love the photos but what you said just so wonderful