Wednesday, October 6, 2010

And now the part where we all write love letters to each other

So. Everyone who reads this blog knows what I was up to last weekend. Because...everyone who reads this blog was probably there LOL. What can I say about the Vegas weekend? Alot. More than anyone probably cares to read. Since I live here I wasn't at all distracted by being in Vegas, which allowed me to really take in the moment and savor all of the new (and old) friendships that were formed. I kept thinking before this weekend that it was so weird, the eleven of us who for the most part had never met each other deciding to take time away from our families and drop major $$ on essentially vacationing with strangers. Except....we're not strangers. I didn't feel AT ALL like I didn't know these people. It was like going to a reunion, everyone seemed so familiar and I already knew some of their family history and their jobs and their views on life. In my educational and professional life I've had alot of moments where I was keenly aware that I was a little different, I was the big ol' black girl in the room. I didn't feel that way ONCE during this weekend. I'm already sad that we can't just get together for drinks again in a couple of weeks. So here's my thoughts on the whole thing, in randomness format: (I didn't bring a camera but I'll post links to everyone's blog where I'm sure someone posted pictures :)

  • Julie - our kids are the exact same ages - her Lacey and Jr. were born one day apart. We've corresponded ALOT over the past year as we've adjusted to having 2 kids and breastfeeding again and lack of sleep. I can't even tell you how much I was looking forward to talking to her in person. She is just like I thought - super smart, funny as hell, a very devoted mom. I've never been so delighted to hear another person drop an f-bomb in all my life. ("We both have potty mouths! Yay!!"). I'll be forever grateful for her actually getting into the backseat with Jr. after I picked her up from the airport and he decided to royally flip out in the car on the way home. That was the move of someone who really has been there, done that. And I'll also be forever grateful that she at least tried to pretend she wanted to go the nightclub.

  • Speaking of nightclubs - Tao at the Venetian. Whack as hell, glad we got in for free. I had on a ridiculous purple dress that I thought was totally hot at the store and now in hindsight feels a leeeeetle bit like part of the Miss Piggy Collection. But I still had a good time - you know me, if there's music and I can dance a little I don't care about the rest. A free vodka drink and a Cosmo didn't hurt either. And I definitely appreciated feeling loose and stress-free enough at one point to hoist my drink and simply toast, "F--- it."

  • Heidi - we've met before as she's here in Vegas, but I really got to see a different side to her this weekend. Heidi is a firecracker, in the nicest sense. She knows herself, she loves her kids but isn't run over by them, she loves to talk...and she definitely made me look like a poser as far as being "local" - obviously she gets out alot more than I do. Heidi was instrumental in us having a weekend of awesome-yet-not-too-pricey food. AND she was a little hottie at the nightclub. Can you say "the total package?"

  • Beth - okay I have to admit I knew who she was but somehow hadn't seen her blog. So it was odd that I got the strongest sense of deja vu whenever I talked to her - she looks and acts SO MUCH like Jen, my best friend from vet school. It was uncanny. I'm completely jealous of Beth's job - if I didn't go into vet med I wanted to be a history teacher and she gets to be a part of living history every day. I would love to meet up with Beth again.

  • Joanna - just. like. I. imagined. Which is a good thing. I don't think I've ever met anyone who spins a story the way she does - she has a real way with words. Her stories about her husband and son were hilarious. She's also very sure of herself - she calls it "contrary," I call it being a grown-ass woman who knows what she does and doesn't like (wanna know a secret? I don't like cordial cherries either!! Notice I didn't touch them). Why does everyone I'd love to meet for coffee every week live on the East Coast??

  • Jenn - whoa. I'm pretty sure I haven't ever been as together as she is. I mean seriously I felt like an airhead around her, she's so organized. Another strong woman - you shoulda seen her whip that big Tahoe into a U-turn without having to do a 3-pointer, it was great. I also love talking to people like her about their pets - why can't everyone I deal with be that caring yet level-headed when making decisions for their animals?

  • Rita (and her BFF Tenaya) - "Where my girls at?" LOL. Rita and I have met a few times before and I always always always love talking to her! She's pretty much the exact kind of person I was friends with in college - smart, fun, funny, adventurous, ready to party. I can't believe I was the youngest person on this weekend - Rita and Tenaya knew how to party til dawn like the 25 year olds while I was forcing myself to stay up until midnight. And even though you weren't happy with your haircut, Rita, I still give you props for the spur of the moment decision at the spa - I am so picky about hairdressers, I would never have the balls to get a haircut without thinking about it for weeks in advance. p.s....Can I borrow some jewelry?

  • Speaking of hair - after this weekend I'm seriously considering cutting my hair off. I got it done at the salon on Thursday and by Friday night thanks to the random humidity and rain it was a poofy ridiculous mess. I feel like I spent way too much time trying to tame my hair and being self-conscious about an impending Diana Ross moment every time we went outside.

  • Laura - again, exactly as advertised. I think of everyone Laura is the easiest to feel like you "know" because she's by far the most prolific blogger. I didn't get to talk to Laura as much as I wanted to, probably because she was always doing something - the girl lives a big life. Boudoir photos, fake eyelashes, meeting other internet friends, taking amazing photos...I bow down. So much energy and confidence - she's the person I want to be when I grow up :) I also love the short hair, it's one of my inspirations for wanting to cut mine off. Sadly, though, I still have never had In N Out...

  • Bridget - out of everyone, I'm most sad that I didn't get to spend more time with Bridget. She's another one who can spin a good story, and her style is out of this world. We all went shopping in her luggage - I was oddly proud of myself that I brought the same shoes that she did, like that was the fashion stamp of approval LOL. Again I wish I had this much confidence. It's funny because on paper I'd think that Bridget and I are very different - different political views, different lifestyle, etc. but I really enjoyed talking to her. With her cute little Southern voice.

  • Lindsay - all I can say is wow. She's someone else that on paper would seem very different from me, but to steal Laura's phrase I am girl-crushing on Lindsay. Sadly it's rare that you meet people who are truly, genuinely nice people and Lindsay is one of those. She is so sweet, y'all. (That was my homage to Texas I guess). I love that she wanted to watch football while we were hanging out in the cabana, and that she kept forcing herself to take her hair out of a ponytail like I had to force myself not to wear headbands all weekend.

I really did have a good time. It wasn't exactly the nonstop party that was envisioned (except for Rita & Tenaya), but it was just what I needed. If and when we do this again, I don't think we need fancy nightclubs and restaurants, just someplace to sit and and drink and relax and talk. And talk and talk and talk...I'm thinking somewhere beachy next time?


JenFen said...

How can I make a vet feel like an airhead? LOL! And you totally rocked the purple dress. Loved your descriptions of everyone and loved, loved, loved that we finally got to meet.

Karen said...

Loved reading your love letters! And I am a blog reader who was not in Vegas this weekend.

Lindsay said...

I wish I had a way with words to describe everyone exactly as you did! Love right back at ya. =)

LauraC said...

Dang. You nailed it with everyone! I wish we had gotten a chance to talk more too. This is the problem with so many women, not nearly enough time to get all the words in! But it is a good problem to have!

That purple dress was ba-bam.

Also I was so tired on that trip I realized I need to slow the life down a little bit. After Warrior Dash this weekend :)

Beth said...

OMG--you weren't reading my blog?????? Ha ha ha. You weren't missing much. But more importantly, I LOVED hanging out with you and getting to know you. You definitely described everyone perfectly. And I have to agree about the purple dress--you were hot! Definitely my girl crush of the weekend. :-)

Joanna said...

That's so funny that you had a deja vu experience with Beth. You were my deja vu experience. Every time we talked I'd have to remind myself that we had never had this conversation before because we had never even met. It was freaky and cool.

Julie said...

LOVE IT! I was so happy to get in the backseat with Jr. Dude, that was not flipping out, my girls are ten times louder when they flip out!

Your dress was amazing! Miss Piggy Collection?! What? OMG, that is so funny and so not true. Hot Mama dress, not Miss Piggy! I am still LOL.

Heidi O said...

Forever behind the times. This was such a great way to speak about everyone. And I loved the dress. You looked HOT! It was so much fun.