Sunday, October 31, 2010

Real Quick-Like

Sadly all of my posts recently have been like this - real quick-like, bullet format, not enough hours in the day and my poor little blog is suffering from being low on the priority list. Anyhoo. The last few weeks in a nutshell:

Gratuitous baby photo with unnecessarily cutesy caption.
"Whatchoo talkin' about, Willis?"

Is he actually enjoying this? You be the judge.

Hey whaddya know, sometimes they do like each other. The other notable thing about this picture: I'm pretty sure this was taken around 4pm on my day off. 4pm, and they're both still in PJs.

Random pat myself on the back moment. Every Sunday we give J the toy sections of all the sale papers and his safety scissors, and he cuts out all of the things he wants to put on his Christmas list for Santa and puts them in a ziploc bag on the fridge. We call it his "Christmas File." It's been sooooo helpful figuring out what he actually wants for Christmas shopping. Genius!

Grandpa teaching J to play guitar.

Yaaaay, free pumpkins at the Fall Festival. Of course they forgot to mention that these pumpkins were seriously underripe and pretty much impossible to carve because the shells are hard like cement.

Crossing the finish line at the Fall Festival 5K. Notice the, um, lack of alot of people behind me. I was near the end to say the least. I'm just proud of the fact that my feet were still moving, the last mile of the race was all uphill and there were a couple of times where it seemed like I was running in place. But hey, at least I beat the lady with the double stroller, right? Right?

Nope. Definitely not "enjoying" it. Although he did ask to go again and was happier the second time around.

J: "Who says "matchy-matchy" is a bad thing when you're picking out your own clothes?"
Jr: "For the love of God, someone please cut my hair! Or at least brush it."

Preschool Halloween Parade. It was like being at a movie premierethere were so many parents lined up on the side with their digital cameras flashing (it was in the evening) that it felt like we were paparazzi. Here, J is clearly giving the universal sign for, "Please, no autographs."

Jr. longingly watching J at a Halloween party, fervently wishing that he could be four like his big brother so he that he, too, could blatantly disregard me telling him 5 SECONDS EARLIER not to jump out of this trampoline onto the rocks.

Pre-trick-or-treating. Yes, I made both of these zebra costumes, staying up til midnight for the last 3 days to get them finished. You can send the Mom of the Year Award directly to my house, thank you.
Just kidding, I love sewing stuff like this and seeing them in the costumes makes all the time spent on them totally worth it. (Check out my "costume" of random "fairy make-up". I mean let's be real, I only have so many hours in the day for being crafty, someone wasn't getting a costume and that someone was me.)

The Loot. I just love the look of smug satisfaction on his face. He has no idea that I'm raiding said loot as soon as he goes to bed.

My 3 boys on Halloween. I am going to miss these years so much when they're over.


Lindsay said...

Incredible costumes and cute cute cute boys!

Joanna said...

Congrats on the 5K. I got my but kicked by a 74 year old man in my 5K, but we should both still be really proud that we can do 5Ks.

Those costumes are great. And it's good to do the matchy thing now. In a few years they will refuse.

And dude, my biggest regret from Vegas was not getting to nuzzle jr.s head. Those pictures aren't helping any.

Julie said...

Those costumes ROCK! My poor kids will never get handmade costumes b/c I am not talented in that crafty way.

Great job too on your 5K! Congrats!!

Karen said...

That's awesome that you made the boys' costumes! I so love the matching too.

Beth said...

Wow--homemade costumes, a 5K, and two jobs? You put me to shame. You definitely get Mom of the Year Award! (Or at least the month. LOL) Love the pictures!