Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Well, it made me feel better.

For the most part, we're loving 5. It's an adventure every day. J says the funniest things, makes up the most imaginative stories, is so enthusastic about life and everything in general.

And yet.

He's also had some of the biggest meltdowns and tantrums of his ENTIRE LIFE. Epic. Monster. Effing ridiculous. Over some really silly things.

And the sass and smart mouth and occasional forays into disrespect? Don't even get me started. It's a battle of wills over here and I'm not always the one winning.

As he approaches 2, Jr. has also started in with the epic, monster, effing ridiculous tantrums. Although I expected it from him.

So my aunt has been coming over to help us care for Jr. while we figure out a new daycare situation. She just became an empty-nester as her youngest of 3 kids started college last month. We were chatting the other night about the boys and how things are going with school, the move, the daycare drama, etc. I was telling her how challenging both kids have been sometimes lately, and she said, "Well, with all three of my kids, 2 and 5 was the worst."

I was really surprised by this. No one told me that 5 was one of Those Ages. 2 and 3, I knew would be bad. 5 has honestly snuck up on me. But fear not, fellow parents of 5 year olds. According to my aunt, after 5, it's smooth sailing.

Until 13. But she didn't want to talk about that.


claudia said...

"According to my aunt, after 5, it's smooth sailing."
Yeah, until you hit 13. Actually with boys it is more like 14 and girls 12.

Julie said...

Ugh, glad we are not the only ones experiencing the worst behavior in YEARS! The smart mouthing and falling apart over nothing--weird! I would expect it from Lacey, but Lana? Its going to be an interesting year with a double dose!

Joanna said...

I've found that there is always someone who will confirm that any given age is bad, so I've come to the conclusion that every year is bad. That way, I'm always prepared.

Karen said...

We are having the same type of meltdown over absolutely nothing behavior here. I think that my 2 year old throws less tantrums than my 5 year old!