Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Baby Fever

I think I'm getting "Baby Fever." Ok, I know I'm getting baby fever. J turns 2 in 9 days (!!!), and suddenly the ol' biological clock is ticking away again, like a little angel (or devil) sitting on my shoulder...tick-tock...J needs a sibling, you don't have any other family in Vegas...tick-tock...If you started tomorrow you'd still be over 32 by the time the next one's born...tick-tock...You didn't want your kids to be more than 3 years apart, remember?...tick-tock...Remember the miscarriages? It's not guaranteed to happen easily next time!...tick-tock...J's pregancy was super easy, why not do it again? You loved it!...tick-tock...You have 3 bedrooms now, make use of them...tick-tock...Don't you want a little girl? Or another super fantastic little boy?
And around and around we go.

On the other shoulder, there's the little devil (or is it angel) that is The Voice of Reason: Hey! You just bought a house! You have yet to pay the first mortgage! Prioritize, lady!...and...You can't afford another maternity leave anytime soon, remember how broke you were last time?...and....It's so great now that J sleeps 11-12 hours a night. Did we forget that he didn't accomplish this little feat until he was 10 months old?...and...Remember the miscarriages? Do you want to chance that again?...and...J's pregnancy was super easy. Why tempt fate?...and...Hello, daycare is not cheap for one kid, how can we afford it with two now that we have a mortgage and everything...

Big huge SIGH....Right now we're happy with one, but I know we'd be happier with more than one. If only I could get my brain on the same page as my biological clock...

.....Anyhoo, here's some random pics I took at our daycare lady's wedding this weekend to show off my new SWEET camera:

On TH's jacket after the "Butterfly Release" (taken up close)

Bridal bouquet (taken from about 45ft. away)

J and Daddy lookin' all Miami Vice. Note that they're not sitting with the rest of us...could it be because a certain "someone" got a little too happy to see his daycare peeps at the wedding and started yelling out their names like he was giving shout-outs at a rap concert?

Cutie ringbearer (taken from about 45ft. away)

Cool moment caught on camera when the ringbearer (the bride's son) was looking at the audience through her veil. (Taken from about 45ft. away)

Flowers on the aisle...can't get this one rotated correctly on Blogger...

Pretty arch over the altar. (Taken from about 75ft. away. This camera rocks!)


b.rob said...

yeah, i think i might be feeling the first symptoms of baby fever myself...shhhhh, don't say anything!

Steph said...

Baby fever hits all of us now and then! Cooper will be 2 in less than 2 weeks and I may be headed down the same path soon. Wow- Desi, I'm so impressed with your camera and your photography skills, and that wedding looks so beautiful w/all the flowers!

-Bridget said...

Beautiful photos! What kind of camera did you get?

Baby fever? I have one I can send your way for a trial run.

deebo47 said...

Yeah, that biological clock can be pretty loud. We were just discussing this the other day, whether or not we're happy with two kids. And we are. Now that they're older, it's nice to do things with them that were harder when they were toddlers. But I think 2-3 years is a good spacing. Ours are 27 months apart, and it's worked out well for us. I can't wait to have a new little niece or nephew (that goes out to the Other Sister too, hint hint).