Sunday, April 27, 2008


Ok today's post is total vanity but I have to share. This morning when we came back from church TH complimented me that I was really looking good in my dress, a dress I bought 3 years ago for my grandmother's funeral and at that time it just barely fit. Now the same dress is almost 2 sizes too big. I looked at the date today and realized that I have been on The Great Weight Loss Plan of 2007-2008 for almost a year!! I started right after J's birthday last year when I looked at these pictures (yeah I got brave and threw in a swimsuit picture for your horror):

Holy crap look at the size of those thighs!!

Wearing a 2-piece no less, I'm one of those big girls who shows it proudly LOL

Not that I looked terrible but that was definitely a heavy point for me. I've had a gym membership out here for going on 4 years, but while I was pregnant and throughout J's first year of life I basically paid every month to say I had a gym membership. I didn't work out at all. Partially out of paranoia following miscarriage, partially out of exhaustion from my then-60-hour-a-week job, and partially just basking in being pregnant. I lucked out in that without much effort I only gained 25 pounds with J, and thanks to round-the-clock breastfeeding I lost all the baby weight within 6 weeks. Which is actually sad, considering that those pictures are of me at my pre-pregnancy weight. That's right, I was fat before I ever got pregnant, and I was happy to get back to that weight.

Sooo, right after J's first birthday last year I finally got my act together and started a real attempt at weight loss. I didn't hire a trainer, I didn't join Weight Watchers or Jenny Craig or anything else that costs money, I didn't start on a fad diet like Atkins or South Beach. I did it all by myself, with only a couple of "rules":
  1. Stop stuffing my face.

  2. Get off my ass.

  3. Give it a year instead of wanting results in a month.

That's it. Of course there are more details but that's what it comes down to. As of this morning, 51 weeks later, I have lost (drumroll, please).....22 pounds. It may not sound like alot but that's the most weight I've ever lost. Ever. I also can say that I started running in the last year, even going so far as to do a 5K (which I plan to do again pretty soon). So. Here are a couple of pics we took after church this morning. I know I'm not "skinny" by any standards but in my eyes this is a HUGE improvement. Also note the ripped arms in the last picture from faithful Body Pump classes 2-3 times a week. (Do you want tickets to the GUN SHOW?? LOL).



LauraC said...

I think you look fantastic!!! You should be so proud of yourself bc 22 lbs is amazing and yes, those guns are looking GOOD!

TH said...

I think your are absolutely,undeniably, smashingly gorgeous. And you have always been. You are "bangladeshing!"

Beautiful, is what you are. Beauty, is what you have brought into my life.

Anonymous said...

you've always been beautiful to me but i probably look at you through different eyes :) --but you are looking pretty good (wink)