Tuesday, May 20, 2008


This past weekend my mom was visiting us from Alaska. We had a great time - shopping, gambling, eating, watching movies, eating. J's starting to be able to call people by name who he hasn't seen in awhile. I think he was a little confused because my sisters were here a couple of weeks ago for his birthday and while they were here he learned to say "Auntie." So while my mom was here he kept calling her Auntie, then correcting himself: "No...Granny! Yeah! Granny!" Very cute.

I'm starting to miss being back home ALOT. We've been in Vegas for four years now, and we just bought a house here, so I guess we're staying awhile longer. This is one of my biggest internal struggles right now. I like the life we've created here, the friends, the jobs, the good daycare...but I miss being around family like crazy. When I was growing up both sets of grandparents lived within a few blocks of each other, and we were surrounded by extended family -- aunts, uncles, cousins on both sides. My childhood memories are full of parties, barbecues, game nights, movie nights, or just hanging out spending the night at a cousin's house. I feel bad that J is not experiencing any of that. He's closer to the other daycare kids than he is to any of his family (one reason I love the in-home daycare). He actually calls his daycare lady's mother "Grandma."

I don't know what our plan is at this point. When I talk to my twin sister who has 2 kids, I feel like I'm missing out on their whole life, and she feels the same way about J. But of course it's not that simple....we bought a house. We both have great jobs. The pay for veterinarians is much better here than in Colorado. We have good friends.

Then I'll see pictures of the Rocky Mountains and I'll want to run home. I miss the mountains, the clear air, the weather (I can't describe how much I hate desert heat), the trees and parks and trails, movie theaters that aren't inside casinos...but most of all I miss being around family. And yes, I'll admit it, the help that comes with being around family - babysitting, having someone nearby to give you a break when you're trapped in the house with a screaming infant.

What to do, what to do. I guess we could always expand our own family...(ducking if TH is reading this).


gLobeY said...

I hear ya. I can't imagine not having either my family or Adam's family nearby. It's rough! Plus, Colorado is beautiful!

An extra set of hands to pass the kid to is always great! Even if it's the big brother's hands! (hint hint) :)

deebo47 said...

Well it goes without saying that we miss you here as much as you miss us. But, you're following your dream and building your family, and maybe you'll find your way home eventually. If not, it sure gives me a good excuse to head to Las Vegas!

Steph said...

Desi- we live far away from family too and always struggle with this same topic... do we try to move closer to my family or the IL's, and how do we find jobs that pay what we want/equivalent to what we make now? It would be nice to have the help and the camraderie of seeing Cooper and his cousins grow up together. I don't know the right answer, but I can totally relate to how you feel.