Thursday, November 19, 2009

Top Ten Phrases I've Uttered the Last 2 Weeks

Okay this is my last "venting" post for awhile. I promise.

I'm pretty sure one of the following phrases will be Jr.'s first words because he hears me say these ALL. DAY. LONG.

10. "Stop. I said, stop doing that. STOP THIS INSTANT. I feel like I just said stop."

9. "You're not listening. Today is a bad listening day."

8. "What did I just say? What did I just say??"

7. "I'm counting to 3."

6. "And if you don't think I'm serious, feel free to test me." (my favorite line, also useful when arguing with TH lol)


4. "STOP TRYING TO STOMP ON THE DOG. If she bites deserve it." (Don't worry, we're talking about an 8 pound dog here, she can't really do any damage.)

3. "Do not touch him while he's sleeping. Leave him alone. Stop messing with him, he's sleeping!! He's---you just woke the baby up."

2. "I'm not saying it again." (hmmm....yet I say this alot).

1. "I love you, but you're making Mommy crazy."

But I do love him though.


deebo47 said...

*sigh* those were the days LOL...I think every mother with small kids (especially a toddler and a newborn) has these exact same moments. When X was 2 1/2 and Cam was 2 months we had some marathon days like that. They're 9 and 7 now and they still fight and I still say the same phrases over and over again, but these days it's more like "Put your uniform on, you're making me late to work AGAIN" or "Get off the computer, you've played video games long enough" or "I don't care if you had a bath two days ago, you're seriously starting to stink and I can't let you out of the house like that"...seriously, these are daily conversations!

Joanna said...

You know what my top phrase has been recently? "3.5 year olds are excellent birth control." I don't say it to M, but I may just say it to EVERYONE ELSE!

Also, if anyone else says, "When is he getting a sister" I'm going to scream.

I feel your pain.

LauraC said...

LOL!!! This is the first phase where I tell them they are driving me crazy!

We use 1 2 3 Magic bc I can't stand to hear MYSELF talk so much.

Steph said...

I have been home sick this week and Cooper has been home too. I've said a few of those phrases more times than I want to count. What a lot of talking 3.5 is!

Julie said...

First off, great pic of J, he has a very charming smile!

"I'm counting to 3" and "where are your listening ears?" are things I say every single day. "All you have to do is listen and I will never yell" is another. "you are driving me crazy" is right up there as well.

They are adorable, but geez, there are some days when I just want to wave my white flag!

Heidi O said...

Are we long lost twins? I swear I used just about every single one of those phrases today.