Tuesday, February 22, 2011


34 today. The past year was by far the fastest of my entire life. Which is good in some ways because I think I've documented pretty well that it was also one of the most tumultous years of my life. There were some big numbers this year though:
  • I'm 34.
  • Since I started running again (around May) I have run 360 miles. My goal for this year is to do 750. Easy peasy.
  • I've lost 28 pounds since my birthday last year. Some of it was baby weight, some of it was Mexican food/wine/mashed potatoes/chocolate weight. I officially weigh less today than I did when I graduated from undergrad at 23. And less than I did at my wedding 9 years ago when I was 25. And less than when I graduated from vet school 7 years ago. And less than I did BEFORE having 2 children.
  • I've been a mom for almost 5 years. I can't even wrap my mind around that.
  • TH and I have now known each other for almost 20 years. We met in the fall of 1991, when we were both 14, although we weren't really "serious" until a couple years later. We've literally been together more than half of our lives. Again, mind blown by that number.
  • Speaking of 14....SIZE FOURTEEN! *fist pump* And it's a loose 14 at that, size 12 is just around the corner. This is huge. No pun intended.

Last year I didn't have resolutions, but I did make goals that I wanted to attain before my 34th. Let's revisit, shall we?

Start running again. Run 2 5K's. Think about a half marathon. Check, check, and check.

Lose the pregnancy weight. Check. See above.

Go away for a weekend with my husband, without kids. Dang. Not yet. *Game show wrong-answer buzzer sound*. I did go "away" for Girls Weekend without kids, which is halfway there. Send this goal back to the front of the line.

Decide what I'm doing with my career - go back for a residency or what? Check. Not going back to school. Big things on the horizon that I can't discuss here.

Debt free except for student loans, mortgage, and cars. Sigh....almost. Actually both cars will be paid off this year. But due to other unforseen circumstances (oh, how I cringe reading last year's birthday post with no idea of what 2010 would bring, things like paying for funerals), we're still working on getting rid of some debt. But we're getting there.

Eat a pomegranate. So, funny story. Yeah, I couldn't do it. Stared at it, gagged, walked away. A whole year and I couldn't bring myself to eat a pomegranate. File that goal in the trash, it's not happening.

So what will 2011/34 bring? It's going to be huge. HUGE. I've got so many balls in the air right now it's not even funny, and at the end I hope to have some major accomplishments. To sample a few:

  • Running goals: I'm doing Warrior Dash in August in Colorado with my twin sister, who has also rocked her life and lost FIFTY POUNDS over the past year. I can't even tell you what it will be like for us to cross that finish line together. My second big running goal is to run a half-marathon, which I am planning on doing in December.
  • Finish upgrading my kitchen.
  • BIG THINGS on the job front. That's all I'll say. So big that it keeps me up at night excited-worried-hyperventilating-freaking out. More to come on that later.
  • Size 10.

Here's to another year....


LauraC said...

Happy happy birthday!
Despite all the insanity, you still did an awesome job on your goals this year.

Have you considered buying pomegranate seeds only? They sell them now at Trader Joe's.

Beth said...

Happy Birthday Desi!!!! I know your 34th year of life was a little, um, challenging. But you seriously ROCKED IT anyway. So your 35th year can only be awesome. Congrats on meeting goals and good for you for trashing the ones that don't matter. And for continuting to press the ones that haven't happened yet. You continue to inspire me!

Karen said...

Happy Birthday Desi!! Hope that 34 is a great one.

Mel said...

Happy birthday young thing!

claudia said...

Happy Birthday! I am excited for you. I am sure that everything will work out great on the job front. You deserve a better year.

Julie said...

Happy Birthday Desi! You did totally rock your goals this year and really I had to laugh about the pomegranate.

I hope you had a great day! Happy happy Birthday!!

Joanna said...

Happy belated birthday! You reached some amazing goals during such a rough year. Very impressive. I hope this year brings you more goals reached and a lot less rough.

Steph said...

Happy Birthday! What a great list of goals and awesome job rocking them out. Yeah, throw that pomegranate right on out the window :) Knowing you there's nothing you can't accomplish, so can't wait to see what your next year's birthday post will include!

Alison said...

Just stopping over from the 500mile blog. My sister and I are also doing the warrior dash but in michigan. Good Luck with all your goals you can do it!