Tuesday, December 25, 2007

And to all a good night...

Merry Christmas!!

Today was one of those days that was full of moments I wished we could freeze and put into a time capsule to be re-lived whenver we're feeling down or just want to have a magical moment. When we got up this morning J of course had no idea that it was Christmas. However he knew something was up because TH and I were in great spirits (after J "slept in" until 7:15am, which is a record. How sad, that's what we consider sleeping in now). J was appropriately awe-struck by all of the toys and gifts under the tree...he has no clue what Santa is but he knows a new toy when he sees one. By 10am he was totally overwhelmed by the whole scene of opening gifts and watching us open gifts, and he was exhausted. It was funny - one minute he was running around like a madman, the next minute he was laying on his back on the kitchen floor with a paper towel over his face going, "night-night." (I cannot describe how much easier it is to do the whole nap thing when they can actually tell you when they're tired. Those of you who know that up until he was a year old J was the King of No-Nap Land understand what I'm talking about. But I digress.)

I made a huge breakfast for me and TH with pancakes from scratch and big ham steaks, and then we just cuddled up on the couch watching Christmas movies. The only thing that could have made it better would have been snow falling outside. Dang we miss Colorado at this time of year. Yes, I just said "dang."

The rest of the day consisted of lots of lounging around playing with toys, drinking hot chocolate, eating lots of junk, and basically hibernating together. (The eating of junk was a family affair--we discovered today that J loves Reese's peanut butter cups, hot chocolate, chips 'n salsa, and corn dogs with maple syrup. Who knew?) And I'm happy to say there was not one single tantrum. By bedtime J was more than happy to get into bed without a struggle and he fell asleep within 3 minutes. All in all, it was a good day.
Ok, ok, I know what you really check the blog for is the pictures so here we go (I was going to post a video but couldn't get it to work):

Staged Pre-Game Christmas Morning pic that Yoda ruined. As evidenced by his impeccable cat timing you can see that he does this on purpose.

Staged Pre-Game Christmas Morning Pic Take 2.

Could you have a better reaction to a teddy bear? Seriously one second later he was actually kissing it. (Thank you, Granny!)

Completely engrossed in his new Magna Doodle-like thingy. He LOVES this toy. (Thank you, Auntie B!)

The best Christmas gift Mommy and Daddy could ever want.

"Cleaning up" with his new toy vacuum. Another big hit. Who knew cleaning could be so much fun? (Thanks, Auntie D!) (Also notice the new Elmo slippers - yes he wore them all day and yes he went to bed with them on. Score on the last-minute, impulse, Mommy at Wal-Mart on Christmas Eve gift!)

Happy Holidays!!


gLobeY said...

Hey Desi! I'm glad to see you have a blog as well! I'm excited to add you to my list of blogs to read. Your Christmas pictures are great! Hope you and yours had a wonderful holiday!


LauraC said...

Glad you had a great Christmas!! And hooray for no tantrums!

CamiGirl'sMom said...

How precious!! He looks like he had a great time. Merry belated Christmas.

Kaycee(Cami'sMoma) from BBC.