Tuesday, December 4, 2007

As promised here are some pics from Saturday.

Okay, first a disclaimer -- I did not take any of the race pictures. TH was responsible for that. For whatever he reason he "forgot" to take pictures of the crowd of 7,500 Santas or me running along the race route. He did get one action shot of me coming around the last corner but it didn't save to the camera for some reason. So these are the best we got, folks. Sorry.

Mommy and J right after the race....Notice the water bottle. That water bottle should win some kind of toddler award, along the lines of "Singlehandledy Responsible for One of the Biggest Public Tantrums Ever When Mommy Tried to Pry It Out of J's Hands to Drink Out of It."

What up, Santa?
Smiling, or About To Throw A Fit? You make the call.

J sleeping in the car after the race. He had such a good time.

Mommy and J dressed up for holiday photos. Sadly these were better than the ones we paid for at JCPenneys. (J's wardrobe courtesy of Granny, who actually overnighted the HANDMADE outfit from Alaska to Las Vegas so it would be here by Friday.)


b.rob said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!! I am so proud of you for running that race! As with everything else you do (doctoring, mothering, wifing, being a good sister and friend), you're really good at it! *wink* i still wanna be like you when i grow up. maybe one day i'll start running...probably not though. i'll have to find another way to lose my chubs. yogurt seems to help...

TH said...

That's right!!! She did it folks!!! And I could not be more proud of her. I wish everyone could have seen this jaw dropping sea of red clad runners dressed as old St. Nick. everyone was happy and excited. The Christmas spirit was very much alive. There she was dressed and pumped to run. the beads of sweat forming oh so perfectly around her brow as made her way to the starting line, where the major was anxiously awaiting for the 5K runners to gather. The major gives his Vegas style greeting and signals the start of the race. She begins jogging with the thousands of other participants running. Even though she was dressed as others, there was something about the look on her face. The stinch of determination that rolled off of her, I liken to the way a cowboy rides a seasoned bull. everyone knows that the bull ( if there wasn't a time limit) will always win the battle. once she was out of sight, I quickly made my way to a Starbucks stand to get some java. Folks I never drink coffee, so this should tell you how completely captivated I was at the challenge my wifey was well on her way to conquering. Me & J then made our way to the finish line to have an opportunity to see mommy coming around the final turn. It was like wastching the Tour de France, only better. J was saying "mommy", & I was acting like a damn fool because I knew on this day, the women I love, mother of my child, had achieved a personal goal that she had set for herself. Congratulations, baby. Next......NY Marathon.