Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Words You Never Thought You'd Hear Me Say...

...I've decided to run a 5K race next month. That's right folks. As in running. Outside. For more than 5 minutes straight. With other people.

I've been pretty successful with TGWLP of 2007 (See previous post for acronym explanation). I'm not going to post on this blog exact numbers because that's not really important. The coolest thing that's happened over the past few months is that I'm much more fit. I've been lifting weights, doing cardio....and yes, running. You don't understand how strange that sentence is. I HAVE NEVER LIKED RUNNING. EVER. But I discovered something a few months ago when TGWLP started. I got on a treadmill and just...made...myself...keep...going. After a few of these Self-Torture Sessions I discovered something I guess all "runners" must know but never told the rest of us -- after the first 10 or 15 minutes, if you keep going, the run gets easier. I never realized this before because, well, I never ran more than 10 minutes before.

Now, 6 months later, I can run on the treadmill for about 45-50 minutes straight, or 3-4 miles. A 5K is 3 miles give or take. So....I'm gonna do it. The race is Saturday, December 1. It's a charity run held every year here in LV where all of the runners are dressed in Santa suits. I kid you not. I asked TH to run with me and we could be "Superstar Team E" or something, but TH says he has no desire to run in a Santa suit. So he and J will be in charge of cheering and documenting this momentous occasion. Today I actually paid the registration fee (which includes said Santa suit), so now I CAN'T BACK OUT. Well, I could, but who likes to waste money?

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Me Likey Oranges

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TH said...

"5K RACE? WHAT?" 'Is she serious?' She is really going to it folks and I could not be more proud of her. I seen her go through many of diets (2000-2006), but this time it is for real. To see the drive and determination is amazing. And what kind of TH would I be if did not support her effort? It takes a lot (I can never remember if that is one word or two [alot or a lot]) of, please excuse the referrence, testicular fortitude to run a marathon. More importantly to know she is doing it for herself is the grandiose of it all. No doing for TH, family or J, nope she is doing it for herself. J and me (TH) will be cheering mommy on come Dec. 1 and plent of pictures will be taken. I just hope J doesn't freak out about the whole red suit. Hey, what if I tell her to get in my size so I can have it for future Christmas'? NO, this is her time to shine and a shine she will. I feel that this may be a turning the chapter point in our lives. I don't no how to explain it, but when one person in a marriage/partnership/relationship begins to do something that neither ( I probably spelled that one wrong too) person would figure nobody in the relationship would ever attempt, you get a certain feeling of either you (couple) are heading to a new plateau together, willing to experience/try new things or possibly the beginning og growing apart. If you are extremely happy with what the other perosn is attempting then I would say the former, but if you are feeling jealous/resentful/sour/non-supprtive, then it is probably the latter. Well, I will end my random blabbering there for fear of being accused of "monopolizing" the blog yet again. Love, peace, & happiness.