Sunday, November 4, 2007

Sunday Randomness

So friends of ours moved away and we inherited their treadmill. I've been nagging TH for months to get me some kind of home gym equipment, ever since I started The Great Weight Loss Plan of 2007 back in May (not to be confused with TGWLP's of 2000-2006 -- those were just rehearsals, this time It's For Real). I used it the other day for the first time, and I have to admit I love having one of these things at home. I like the gym but I hate having to get ready and drive down there. So we'll see how it goes, you know how it is -- you're all excited and gung-ho the first couple of weeks, and then a few months later the treadmill is just a place to hang clothes.

Here are a few pics of J doing the toddler thing lately. As you can see he's getting over his food pickiness and eating junk like any self-respecting kid. The video at the end is just randomness but it makes me smile. Of course as a family member told me recently (kind of snarky I might add), since I'm a first-time mom I'm "easily impressed."

MMMM, we love Halloween goodies (mini Oreos to be exact).

And eating corndogs for the first time: (Yes! We knew he was our child!)

Why You Shouldn't Let a Toddler "Get Their Own Cereal":

I love this one because he looks like he's practicing for grade-school pictures:

And finally, the promised Random J Video of the Week (double-click on the big green Play Button):

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