Saturday, November 17, 2007

What's Your Favorite Christmas/Holiday Movie?

Mine is The Santa Clause, the first one. Yes, I know, it's cheesy, but I just LOVE this movie. Me and J watched it the other day (well I watched it while J ran around reprimanding the poor cat, his new favorite thing. "Nononono Yoda!" he says while wagging his finger. Too cute. Anyway.) I'm not kidding, there are parts of the film where I actually start to well up. Maybe it's the circumstances under which I first saw The Santa Clause. It was 10-11 years ago and TH and I were in college (yikes I can't believe college was TEN YEARS AGO) and we randomly rented this movie, which being ten years ago was on VHS...ah, memories. We snuggled up in TH's dorm room with hot chocolate and snow falling outside, and we watched it. And then rewound it (for all you kids that's where you push "rewind" and wait a few minutes for the tape to spool back to the beginning. As a dinosaur walks outside.). And watched it again. Twice. We weren't even engaged yet, that came a few years later, but I think the seeds were planted that day. I mean, what are the chances I would find another adult who wants to watch The Santa Clause over and over again?

A close second for me is White Christmas, which was my number one for a long time, until I discovered the magic of Tim Allen in a Santa suit. I won't go into the details of how much I love the combination of 1950s costumes/sets + great music + Danny Kaye/Bing Crosby/Vera Ellen/Rosemary Clooney, that would be another page. (hey betcha didn't think I'd be able to pull "Vera Ellen" out of my butt, did you?)

What are your picks?


Anonymous said...

there is no greater Christmas movie than White Christmas for any number of reasons...

deebo47 said...

Ok, White Christmas is definitely one of the best. And I'm a sucker for Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer. I have a soft spot for Christmas movies in general, of all genres. Some of my favorites: Charlie Brown Christmas(the little raggedy tree is genius), Gremlins, which is kind of a Christmas movie, The Polar Express, because I love the train in it, It's A Wonderful Life ('nuff said on that one), and The Muppets Christmas Carol, which is actually a pretty decent version of that story and the kids love it too. And the one that tickles me and makes me well up even though it's so cheesy you could make macaroni out of it (drum roll please): Home Alone. I just love that movie, because Kevin could be my own kid (Xavier loves this movie too). I can just picture Xavier running the house alone for a week - it would probably be something like that movie. And movies that I think are a little overrated this time of year: A Christmas Story, Frosty the Snowman, and any other Hallmark version of A Christmas Carol.

TH said...

It's a Wonderful Life. "JOSEPH, JOSEPH." Hot dadgummit! I can't wait for my yearly installment to come on tv. I love that movie. The Santa Clause....., it stands the test of time people. Watch it. It does a wonderful job of explaining the whole Santa thing, reindeer, how santa gets in & out of houses, including those without fireplaces. This may be out there, but I think 'Grumpy Old Men' is definitely in my top three. Walter Matthau, Jack Lemmon (RIPzee), you can't beat that movie for laughs and the traditional Christmas message ("Putz. Nag"). Oh yeah, 'Elf.' Y'all know that movie is a gut busting, laugh out loud, great music having Christmas movie. All the aformentioned movies are great because not only do they still show excellent over time, but you can watch them at anytime of the year, and they all immediately put you in a Christmas (heartwarming, can't wait 'til the Holiday Season, looking forward to spending time with family, love ones, friends) type of mood/state of mind. And for most, that is a good feeling to have.

psuedo code said...

My top 5 Christmas movies
1. A Christmas Story
2. Scrooged
4. How the Grinch Stole Christmas
5. Elf (I'm a cotton-headed ninny-muggins.)

b.rob said...

Top picks:
White Christmas - love it, love it, LOVE IT!!!!!
A Christmas Story - sorry deebo, but i can never get enough of the father saying "Fra-gee-lay" when he opens the lamp shaped like a woman's leg!
National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation - I happen to think a wild chase to catch a squirrel through the house during x-mas dinner makes for an instant classic, don't you?
Miracle on 34th Street - i just recently saw this movie for the first time, and it is so completely heart-warming!!! the part that especially touched me is when Santa speaks sign language to the little deaf girl - oh, how i wept! (which doesn't take much for me, but still) if you haven't seen this one, check it out. it made me believe in Santa...for a couple hours anyway.
Home Alone - for the same reasons as everbody else. i can remember secretly wishing that something like that would happen to me when i was a kid.
Elf - new classic, but completely hilarious!