Monday, July 28, 2008

Elmo's naked.

This is me "whispering" because I'm posting while I'm at work. It's very naughty, I know but our computer went to heaven over the weekend. Maybe she'll see Wall-E up there (I don't know why the computer is a she, it just feels right LOL). So until we can get the Geek Squad on the case I have to sneak and use the work computer...

It's funny how J will suddenly grasp a concept -- or maybe he always grasped it but didn't have the words to articulate it until now. Over the weekend we were watching Elmo in Grouchland, which is one of the few little kids' movies that doesn't make me gag. The basic plot is that Elmo loses his blanket and has to go to Grouchland to retrieve it. So as we were watching a scene featuring a full body shot of Elmo running down the street, J suddenly turned to me and said, "Elmo's nanket!"

"That's right, sweetie," I said in my Mommy's Teaching You Something voice. "Elmo lost his blanket."

"No, Mommy," J replied in his I'm Talking to the Village Idiot voice, and he actually climbed onto my lap and put his hands on either side of my face to drive the point home. "Elmo's nanket."

"Elmo's blanket? Elmo made it? Elmo's name is?"


"Ohhhh. Elmo's naked. Yes, baby, Elmo is naked."

And that was his mantra for the rest of the day. During dinner: "Mommy, Elmo nanket. He no hanna close on." During bathtime, standing up in the tub and shaking his...body at me: "Elmo nanket. I nanket, too!!" Heard over the monitor in a little singsong as he's drifting off to sleep: "Elmo nanket, Elmo nanket, Elmo nanket, Mommy nanket, Daddy nanket, too..." Okay, that one made us laugh.


Joanna said...

Oh no. I hope this is not followed by a nice, embarassing streak in public.

Julie said...

I could do the entire dialog and songs of Elmo in Grouchland--don't tempt me. Lana calls it the Mean Man movie b/c of Mandy Patinkin's character. Its funny you mention that he just figured out Elmo's naked b/c Lana just told me recently that cookie monster has no nose.

Mountain Mom said...

Too freakin' cute!!

Heidi O said...

Don't you love how they come up with tidbits of wisdom!

Lynda said...

Uh oh - now he's going to notice all the dogs and cats are naked, too!

How incredibly cute!