Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Mama's Boy

I've figured out a new bag of tricks when J is throwing tantrums or refusing to do what I ask...pretend to start crying. I should get an Oscar nomination for these performances. At bathtime, when he's running around naked refusing to get in the tub, I start with the pout and lip quiver. "J," I whimper, "you're making me sad." The cry-voice usually stops him dead in his tracks. "Why you kying, Mommy?" he says. "You're making me cry, J. won't get in the tub and you won't let me put your diaper on and you keep throwing your blocks at Yoda!!" Then I really let loose with the wailing. "Mommy, stop kying! Stop kying, Mommy!" And he jumps into the tub. And lays down for his diaper. And leaves the cat alone for a few minutes. It warms my heart--the one thing he can't stand is to see his Mommy crying.

He's such a Mama's Boy. Hopefully he'll stay that way.


LauraC said...

This strategy is SO MUCH better than my strategy of chasing each boy while holding the other boy!

Joanna said...

Oh, I envy you. Michael LOVES when I cry. he's always telling me to "CRY!" and then laughs when I pretend. Little stinker.

LOL. Yoda!