Saturday, July 19, 2008

Friday Night Notes

Ok, ok, I know it's Saturday but for once Mommy and Daddy got to go to a movie last night (Batman -- EXCELLENT) and didn't get home until the wee hours of the morning.

  • I am loving J's verbal skills lately. It's amazing to me how one day he's saying, "Go bye-bye" or "All done" and we think he's a genius, then a few short weeks later it's, "Mommy get up I want breakfast," or "I be good then I have chocolate milk?" The part that cracks me up, though, is that he's still so innocent and hasn't learned to lie yet, so he's constantly telling on himself because he's so proud to inform us of his every move. So if things seem a little too quiet, or I hear a crash, or the cat goes running past me, I can count on J to truthfully fill me in. "I makin' a mess on the wall with kayons!" or "I chasing Yoda pull his tail!" or "I being nonny (naughty), go sit in timeout NOW!!" (he actually said that yesterday, the last part being a spot-on Mommy impersonation.)
  • Speaking of impersonations, we're getting into the little parrot phase, where we have to be very careful what we say around J. He's starting to mimic everything, good and bad. My favorites:
    "Mimi stop barkin! You make-a me crazy!" (I don't know why, but when he says it he sounds like a little Italian guy.)
    "I count to three, I mean it! 1-2-3!!"
    "I said, INNAMINNIT!!" (In a minute!)
    "Oh Jee-suh!" (impersonating me saying "Oh, Jesus!". I know, that one's pretty bad.)
  • I hate whining. Crying, screaming, wailing, kicking, biting, throwing himself on the floor, all of those irritate me, but the whining....hoo boy. That's the one thing that sends me over the edge. The sad part is, I don't think he understands what "whining" is, so when I'm snapping at him "Enough with the whining, already!" he gives me a total blank look...and keeps whining. Calgon, take me away :)
  • It's official. I'm part of the (slightly) older generation. At work the other day we were listening to the radio, and me and the "older" techs started reminiscing about how much better music used to be, back in the days of Stevie Wonder and Earth, Wind & Fire. Which immediately aged us because a) We were reminiscing about old music, the way our grandparents used to do, and b) One of the younger techs piped up, "Who's Earth, Wind & Fire?" And she was serious. This is the same girl who, when two dogs came in named Cagney and Lacey and us older folks were going on about how cute that was, said, "I don't get it. Is that from an old movie?" Sheesh. Youngsters.

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gLobeY said...

the J-isms. They were a hoot reading! X's commentary on the world around him has been cracking me up as well. This really is such a cool age. I'm a bit nervous about starting all over again with a newborn. In a way, I wish I could birth a 2 year old instead. But then again... perhaps that's not so wise.

Oh.. and FYI... I nominated you for an award. Come by my blog and claim your spoils!