Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Guess that's why they pay me the big bucks.

So a lady calls today FREAKING OUT because she just picked her dog up from the groomer's and she says his eyeball is hanging out. Yep. His eyeball. So of course we tell her to come in right away so we can look at said eyeball and see what (if anything) can be done. She shows up an hour later with a little Shih-Tzu type thing and at first glance, yes, his left eyeball does appear to be...bulging. My tech rushes the dog into the back so I can take a look at it and the first thing I notice (besides the bulging eyeball) is that the hair over his eyes (I guess you'd call it his bangs) is tied up really tightly in a little topknot with a bow. So I undo the bow and lo and behold the eye starts to look better - his topknot was too tight and a piece of hair was pulling the eyelid back and making the eye bulge out.

After undoing the topknot the eye was still bulging a bit so...I just pushed it back in with my thumb (stop laughing). Now looking absolutely normal, I take the dog back into the exam room and the lady is of course overjoyed that we somehow got the eye "back in." This is quickly followed by her raising a stink about me taking the topknot down, and she asks ME to redo the knot. Not having a little girl, I'm at a complete loss as to how to get the little bow back in this dog's hair. I try, and try, and I end up with a tangled, lopsided mess. After about 10 minutes I give up and the lady gets all huffy and actually says, "Geez, what kind of vet are you? You can't even do a decent topknot!" And has the nerve to storm out without paying her bill!

The moral of this story is, next time you're thinking about flying off the handle because your hairdresser messed up your hair, keep in mind that it could be worse. Your eyeball could be hanging out.

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LauraC said...

I love love love stories like this! That is hilarious. How tight does a hairbow have to be to make your eyes bulge out?!