Friday, January 18, 2008

I heart Michaels.

So today is my day off, and as usual by 10am I was running out of non-TV activities to do with J. After breakfast, "helping" me with the laundry, coloring (crayons not markers!), reading a few books, and torturing me with the Fridge Farm banjo music for 20 minutes, he was listlessly thumbing through his flash cards looking like he wished he was at daycare where at least there are other kids to play with. It's usually around this time that we have some kind of Outing. Instead of my usual Have to Get Out of the House So Now We're Wasting Money at Target Outing, I decided to go to the craft store and wander around with J until we found something that struck our fancy.

Instead of keeping him in the cart like usual, I threw caution to the wind and just followed him around to see what he was interested in. As soon as we hit the sticker aisle, he stopped dead in his tracks, staring at the toddler Holy Grail -- an ENTIRE WALL OF STICKERS. I let him pick out whatever he wanted -- Diego (of course), letters, numbers, foam animal stickers, and some glitter hearts (can't wait to hear TH's comment on those). Then we proceeded to stock up on pipe cleaners, modeling clay that promises to be kid-safe, and felt.
When we got home J was so excited to get into the Michaels bag, and no surprise he went straight for the stickers. I opened a couple of packs and let him go to town -- and he played with stickers for FIFTY MINUTES. I'm not kidding. Now I can't wait to break open the other stuff this weekend. I'm envisioning (almost) whole days without TV, and for that alone I heart Michaels.

Is it just me, or does J look really grown-up in these pictures?

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Kaycee said...

OMG!! #1. he is ADORABLE!!! #2. WOW 50 mins of stickers?? I need to check those out :). That sounded like a fun day too.