Friday, January 4, 2008

Some "vacation".

I know, I know, I made a resolution to post more often but this has been a strange week. I'm supposed to be on vacation for the week, and TH took the week off as well, so we had all of these grand plans for what we were going to do. We decided to take J to daycare for 3 days this week so we could get some stuff done and go house-hunting. Beyond that we had each day mapped out with fun activities because we got a bunch of restaurant and movie gift cards for Christmas that were burning a hole in our pockets. Sounds like a fun week, right?

Here's how the week actually turned out:
Tuesday (New Year's Day) - called into the clinic for an emergency, ended up being at work for 3 hours. Started to feel a little itch in the back of my throat.

Wednesday - Little cough in the morning but nothing major. TH and I went out to lunch and then to a movie. By the end of the movie I was hacking my brains out every 5 minutes and developing a pounding headache. I also started to feel nauseous. I had to go home and lay down while TH went to pick up J from daycare, and I was in bed (still coughing) at the same time as J, around 7:30pm.

Thursday - Woke up with a severe cough, a migraine-level headache, and pain in my chest from coughing so much. I tried to get up when J woke up and I felt so light-headed that I almost fell down on the way to his room. While TH was getting dressed, J basically wandered around our room getting into whatever he wanted (thankfully it's pretty well baby-proofed) while I "watched" him from my prone position on the bed. We were supposed to go look at houses that day, but I ended up sleeping until 2pm (!!). I thought I felt good enough to go pick up J from daycare, but by the time I got back I was wiped out and had another splitting headache so again I was back in bed before 8pm. [side note: I was actually supposed to have jury duty on Thursday but THANK GOD when I called in the day before they didn't need me to come in. I would have been screwed.]

Friday - Feeling much better in the morning but still coughing a bit. We went out and looked at houses and then had lunch. Of course when we went to pick up J....he was coughing. He also got his very first "bad report" from daycare, which was kind of a shocker because he has NEVER gotten a bad report. Apparently he was "grumpy" today and was "playing rough" with the other kids (hitting and pushing). Our daycare lady was nice enough to tell us that it didn't really worry her but she thought she should let us know because it's "so out of character for J to behave this way." After reading the report, I turned to J in the car and said, "Were you being naughty today? Hitting people?" To which he replied "whoo! Yeah!" (I'm not kidding. I don't know where he got this but he likes to say "whoo! Yeah!" all the time. Probably another daycareism.)

J continued to cough all night tonight, and I'm pretty sure he's going to be sick all weekend. Sheesh. Some "vacation" this turned out to be.

Oh yeah - we also put an offer on a house today....

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TH said...

And she passed it on to me. Long story short........we ended up being sick fo our so-called vacation. Man that bites.