Monday, January 28, 2008

Let the moving games begin.

The last few days have been so busy in the E house, I just realized it's been almost a week since I posted. We had our inspections on Friday and everything looked great, no mold behind the wallpaper or walls caving in from termites. So now it's just dealing with all of the mortgage stuff and the dreaded....packing. I HATE MOVING. TH and I have moved together five times before this and every time I dread this part of it. We've accumulated so much crap, and to be perfectly honest most of it is a result of having J. There's all of his stuff now to pack up in addition to ours. Furniture, clothes, toys, books...we're going to have to upgrade to a bigger truck for sure.

It amazes me how much baby stuff becomes "obsolete" within a year of buying it. Pretty much everything we got at the baby shower is now in storage or awaiting the consignment store or Goodwill. The swing, high chair, bouncy seat, boppy, bottle warmer, bottle sterilizer, Snugli, Exersaucer, infant carseat,
activity mat, breast pump and all of its paraphenilia, Angel Care monitor, infant bathtub....all totally useless now less than 2 years later. That is, until the next one comes along.

Sorry, next kid. You're doomed to a life of hand-me-downs already.

Note: Sorry for the lack of pictures recently. My camera has been acting funny. (TH, if you're reading this -- remember the link I sent you before Christmas with that camera I wanted? My birthday is coming up....)


deebo47 said...

I definitely feel your pain on this one. When we moved last month I dreaded it for weeks beforehand, and it was definitely not my idea of a fun way to spend a weekend. On the plus side, moving forced us to purge a lot of things that we weren't using and at least when we unpacked in the new house things were somewhat sorted and organized due to being packed. And of course there was the excitement of a new house, which makes the move worthwhile. One small bit of advice: unpack the baby's room first when you move...

TH said...

This, without a doubt, will be the most satisfying move IN MY LIFE. I agree with deebo, it is the perfect opportunity to discard &/or donate all of those things that have been either making the move(s) with you &/or you just haven't seen in ages and wonder why in the heck you are still hanging on to it. Although, I have noticed that it sure is a heck of a lot easier for "desidvm" to throw away my stuff with only a glance & w/o checking with me (Cardinal Sin!), but will take the time to look through things that belong to her? Hmmmmmmmmmmm? If I may be so bold to do so, I offer a tip to all the wives out there,.....Don't do that!